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From The Millionaire of Nazareth  by Catherine Ponder:

“We have often been led to believe most of the miracles performed by Jesus were miracles of healing.  I find it exciting to realize two of his earliest miracles were prosperity miracles in which he turned lack into abundance!

A law is a principle that works.  It is a rule of action.  An early explorer of nature’s laws was the brilliant scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, who said there is one set of natural laws for the physical world.

There are also higher mental and spiritual laws than those usually used on the physical plane of life.  The higher mental and spiritual laws are so powerful they can be used to either multiply, neutralize, or even reverse natural laws.  It is when these higher mental and spiritual laws are invoked, through the mind of man, that they often produce results that seem miraculous on the physical plane.  Jesus understood the higher laws of the mind and used them constantly to meet the needs of the moment.

The word “adapt” means “to make suitable by changing, to change without difficulty, adapt to change, or to bring into harmony.”  Jesus invoked the prosperity law of adaptability when he performed his first public prosperity miracle at the wedding feast in Cana.  There he turned ordinary water into the finest of wine.  (John 2:1 -11)

In using the prosperity law of adaptability, here is the first step in mental action to take: When there is a need to be met in your life, it will be immediately brought to your attention: either through people or circumstances outside yourself, or through your own awareness.  Yet, like Jesus, you should not rust forth to try to make it right in an outer way.  Work it out on the inner planes of consciousness – in your thought and feeling nature – first.  Rush, force and coercion have no place in the realm of prosperous thinking.  They never demonstrate abundance.  There is a divine fulfillment for every need, but it cannot be coerced.   There must be an inworking before there can be an outworking.”

For everything there is a season.

The answer lies within.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Catherine Ponder is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors.  She has written more than a dozen books, which include such bestsellers as her Millionaires of the Bible series and The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

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