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nature's colorThe Wisdom and Enduring Spiritual Value of Whole-Life Living, TRUTH JOURNAL, December 2015, by Roy Eugene Davis:

“To have a whole life, its spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, interpersonal, vocational, and environmental aspects must be harmoniously integrated (blended).  To focus on a few parts and ignore or minimize the importance of others may result in physical problems, psychological conflicts or personality disorders and unhappiness.

Observe the circumstances of people you know, read about, or see on television to be aware of people of all ages who are not spiritually conscious, completely well or really happy.

Carefully examine your own circumstances to decide what you need to do to have a whole life.  Write what you discover and what you will immediately do.

“There are some people who respond with alert attention when you speak to them (about spiritual matter).  That is the way of the true devotee.  They never look back to the former sleep of delusion, but aspire to ever greater wakefulness in God.” Paramahansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952)

The foundation of a whole life is spiritual awareness.  Without it, regardless of how ideal our circumstances seem to be, complete happiness and fulfillment are lacking.  Delusions are false ideas that blur the mind and consciousness and interfere with Self-awareness and perceptions of higher realities.  Right thinking, living, and spiritual practice clarifies the mind and allows consciousness to be enlightened as innate knowledge of our true nature and ultimate Reality is revealed.

To have spiritual growth it is helpful to know how to allow it to occur.  When false ideas, intellectual dullness, mental conflicts, emotional unrest, and restlessness are absent, our innate urge to be fully awake becomes strongly influential.  It is also helpful to be physically vital and have a refined nervous system to accommodate states of superconsciousness.

Meditation practice that reduces stress and allows insights to emerge is beneficial.  Superconscious meditation that purifies the mind and consciousness is transformational and reveals our true nature.

With sufficient understanding of how to have a whole life and nurture spiritual awakening and growth, it is possible to be liberated (free from constraints) in one incarnation (lifetime).  Right understanding supported by right resolve, living, and spiritual practice enables Self-realization to be soon actualized.”

It takes a whole person (spiritual being) to live a whole life.
The rewards are well worth the effort and journey.
After all, it is The Game of Life!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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Visit Roy at his beautiful, Center for Spiritual Awareness in Georgia or visit his website.
Roy is one of the few, living and teaching direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda.
His meditation CD and other books are available through the CSA website.

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