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Rumi - Body is woven from the light of heaven

Our body is a temple, a vessel created by God in the image of God.
Spiritual beings living within the body are created by God.
Our bodies are holy and sacred because God dwells within our hearts and souls and in every cell.

From The Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith:

“You are about to go on a journey.  It is a journey through the layers of your own self.  It is a journey through your life, through the worlds within and around you.  It begins here, in your own body.  It begins now, wherever you are.  It is your own personal quest.

Make yourself comfortable, for the journey is not short.  It could take months, years, or lifetimes, but you have already chosen to go.  You began long, long ago.

You have been provided a vehicle in which to take this journey.  It is your body.  It is equipped with everything you need.  One of your challenges on this journey is to keep your vehicle nourished, happy, and in good repair.  It is the only one you will be given.

Do you ever thank it for taking care of you?

Your body is the journey, and it is where you begin.  It is your connection to the physical world, your foundation, the home of your dance.  You are the place from which all action and understanding will arise, and to which it will return.  you are the testing ground of truth.

You are the ground on which all things rest.  You are the Earth from which all thing grow.  You are here, you are solid, you are alive.

You are the point from which all things begin.”

We are here to explore the world, the physical forms of life along with spiritual realms.  All is not what it appears to be.  Listening to the intuitive wisdom of our body is very important to a successful life on planet earth.

To discover the body’s wisdom we need to listen closely to what our body is telling us.  It helps make the journey much easier by listening to the still, small voice within – our intuition and truth.

As we honor our body, our temple and living oracle, our health and quality of life increases and expands.  What we feed our body, mind and spirit is vital for our health and well being.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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