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Miracle TreeExcerpts from Studies in Truth, by Roy Eugene Davis – January 2016 

ordinary  Typical, common, habitual.
human consciousness  Characterized by a sense of small self-identity modified and fragmented by restlessness, thoughts, illusions, memories, and subconscious influences.

Ordinary human consciousness has to be outgrown or purified if we are to constantly experience our true nature and have its potential to be creatively expressive and fully actualized.

Most people have to make a commitment to a spiritual path and be disciplined, decisive and fully engaged to have innate qualities and higher knowledge unveiled and revealed.  They have to use will power to outgrow many characteristics of ordinary human consciousness.  They cannot be indifferent, lazy, or so egocentric that they foolishly hope to be Self-realized without being emotionally mature and wisely controlling their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Wise control of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors requires honest examination of them, willingness and ability to make right choices, and firm resolve to adhere to a realistic course of productive actions.  A spiritual path is not for a person whose interest in spiritual growth is superficial or is inclined to allow moods, whims, or outer conditions to distract attention.  It is a way of aloneness, of Self-discovery that is personal and cannot be experienced by a group of people whose intellectual and intuitive capacities are not the same.

Even in a family with members who profess to be sincerely interested in spirituality, seldom are children told they are spiritual beings and treated as such, shown how to grow to emotional maturity, and encouraged to discover their “right place: in life while nurturing their spiritual growth.

To be fully committed to your spiritual path, constantly remember that your real purpose for being in the material realm is to outgrow the limitations of ordinary human consciousness.

Acquire the information you need to live skillfully, improve your intellectual power and mental abilities, and progressively awaken through the stages of spiritual growth from egocentric awareness to functional self-consciousness, superconsciousness, and Self- and God-realization.

Imagine being free from the constraints of ordinary human consciousness,  View yourself as a spiritual being other than your physical body, thoughts, emotions and personality.  Meditate daily, be removed from objective and subjective conditions, superconsciously contemplate ultimate Reality, and experience your pure essence.  At the innermost core of your being, you have always been whole, pure, free and Self-realized.

Roy shares a clear path to awakening and actualizing our full potential though a spiritual path explored by the Great Masters.  Sincere intention and focused attention to the key details of spiritual growth is a determining factor to our level of freedom.

The answer lies within.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Visit Roy’s website and The Center for Spiritual Awareness.  CSA’s link is listed to the right of this page under the heading “Blogroll.”  Roy offers many wonderful books on meditation and Kriya Yoga.  Roy has a guided meditation CD which makes it simple and easy to meditate.  Check out his pamphlet too called, An Easy Guide to Meditation.

Roy Eugene Davis is one of the last, remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda currently teaching.  Roy has been teaching meditation and spiritual practices for over fifty years around the world.

Roy & Yogananda



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