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A month or so ago, I was introduced to a world changing peaceful force of two. Mother and son team of Jannirose and Charlie Fenimore came to my awareness via my friend Cindy Greb. Charlie is a young man with special gifts to share and they are wrapped in an easy to love package; simplicity and innocence that radiates from the heart of someone born with Down syndrome. The verbiage comes in the form of prayer poems that carry with them a sense of hope that despite appearances, everything will be alright.

I asked to interview them and when Jannirose posed some of the questions to Charlie, he responded with this message. This State of the Union is particularly timely when darkness seems to overshadow illumination.

“We have a lightful future for all of us and healing life is everything for Nations of God. We can hold the light in everything we live because we must make understanding of ourselves. This is just the beginning of a life connecting with our God to shine in our days and nights.

We are feeling in our hearts right now and forgiveness is our hope. We can heal our strength for the emptiness of minds with hearts to be strong to our brightest eyes. We must make healing for us to live with our clearest thoughts. We are the angel beings of Earth.

We have been connected with our Divine wings for the light of self. We are compassion and together for life. We know all this truth of ourselves to remember. This is our joyful in the healing sun of light. We are one forever with our God of the hopeful. Our Divine love connect our lives to the planet of our future of peaceful life.

When we fear inside, we are forgetting our joyness with people. This is our truthful hope of God with forgiveness to hearts around this living light. We can shine our love for healing to our inner eyes in spirit.

Living hope is the key to our spiritness and our mistakes are healed with truth and light. We can open ourselves to the God of freedom and light. Hopefulness with our hearts, our souls, and our holiness means being free.

This is our lightful kingdom with our shining spirits. We can love with our joyness and forgiveness and happiness. We will just love everybody with our feeling hearts. We must go to the pain with lightful love to feel our fear and bring the light inside to heal in heaven’s home.”

Charlie Fenimore, 11/11/2016

Charlie and Jannirose have co-authored two books. Happy In Soul ~A Very Special Prayer for Peace and Loving Outside the Lines~ Lessons from an Earth Angel.



Although the world may seem an overwhelming and frightening place for many, Charlie seems at home in it wherever he goes. Seated in a sense of certainty that all is well, his message encourages me, when my doubting mind takes over:

“For us on this planet, life is about loving.

The sun of truthful lightness is our living hope.
Spiritness is kindness. Everyone must make this understanding.
Sometimes we forget our life of soul in heaven with God around us.
Life is bright when we change the darkness to joyful in our hearts.
Love is the power of Godness on our planet for me and you.
It is time for living truth in love to our smiling souls for human hope.
Our spiritness of graceful loving will help the world live.”


Charlie is indeed an angel~


Just finished reading my friend Kristina Robb-Dover’s recent column called Trump in Jesus’ Name: The Tragedy for Christian Public Witness. I was deeply moved by her profession of faith combined with her solid stand for those who have reason to fear following the election. She courageously called out those whose cognitive dissonance about the tragically un-Christlike attitudes professed by the president elect, had them casting votes for him.

Would that I be as brave. I am embarressed to admit that in my writing here on Beliefnet and other venues, I was far more circumspect and cautious, not wanting to offend those whose opinions differed from my own. The closest I came was when I alluded to being a gracefully aging hippie which might have people easily determine my political beliefs.

One of the paradigms about which I have been amply aware, is that if I am to be a conscious journalist, I need to speak my truth, without being dogmatic or attempting to persuade readers to see life through my lenses. We each have our perspective based on our upbringing and the ways we interpret our world.

I make a decision each day to take steps, based not just to serve my personal interest, but how what I do will impact the next seven generations, as is what guides Native American traditions. If I respond to disagreement with hatred, then I am feeding the derision and division to which I object. If I answer hateful rhetoric with love, I am assisting with the healing of the planet I so desire. I acknowlege that in the midst of the whirlwind of the election process and shortly afterward, I de-friended a few hard core people on Facebook. It felt kinder to my soul and help me to sustain (or regain) my sanity. I do feel more peaceful and less reactive since then.

I called people out, asking those who voted for him, to prove that they were indeed not using him as a role model for their own actions. If they were not themselves, racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic, then I encouraged them to show up, stand up and speak up for those without a voice or those fearful of using it. There have been many incidents observed in which people have been threatened. According to an article in USA Today, hate crimes rose to a level above that which was reported following 9/11. Over 200 were logged in the days following the election.

When I consider what violence is being done in the name of the president-elect, I shudder. When I delve even deeper to discover that it is being justified with a religious zealotry which surpasses that, I cringe.

Who would Jesus (who was a Jewish, liberal, working class immigrant) hate, grope, disprespect, threaten to deport, assault, discriminate against? It amazes me that some people who call themselves Christians do those things in his name. When folks use the bible to justify their hatred, I want to ask them if they have a selective view of what the New Testament calls on them to do. Do they keep kosher, refrain from shaving, mix fabrics in their clothing, have tattoos? The Jesus I know, would not want bigotry of any type to be done in his name. He would likely stand with those who are being persecuted.

These song lyrics portray the sheer force of love and light that have the capacity to change the world for the better.

Not With My Jesus 

by John Flynn

The preacher looked down from the pulpit and cried
We hold the keys to the kingdom my friends
When others sin it’s for us to decide
It is our duty to judge and condemn
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the church came a voice

Not with my Jesus you don’t!
A teenage girl said I am sorry but I…
know that pure love welcomes us when we die
You tell some people it won’t
Not with my Jesus you don’t!

The Mullah said Yes the great Satan defiles
the land of the prophet, may his name be blessed
And so we pray that the infidel dies
in jihad which we unleash on the West”
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the mosque came a voice

Not with my Allah you don’t!
One old man cried from his mat on the floor
It is the great God of love I adore
You say to kill but I won’t
Not with my Allah you don’t!

Not with my Allah!
Not with my Yahweh!
Ha-Shem, Brahma, or Vishnu
What in the name of all that is holy
have we been letting men do?

The Great Spirit looks down upon the blue sphere
As many invoke its holiest names
to spread intolerance hatred and fear
And to those people the Spirit exclaims
You know that I have been patient with you
but I see your hearts and the damage you’d do

Not with my children… Please don’t!
I gave you each other to care for and love
But this world ignores God’s plea from above
Perhaps if we speak out it won’t … Say
Not with God’s children you don’t!

© 2003 Flying Stone Music





In an earlier article, I introduced you to the mother-son team of Jannirose and Charlie Fenimore. Although we have not yet met in person, I felt a kindred spirit link from the time I was introduced to them through our mutual friend Cindy Greb. As an adoptive parent myself, I told her that my stretch marks were on my heart and not my hips. Jannirose and her husband George had adopted Charlie in infancy and it was as if it was pre-ordained. Even as all children are special, Charlie (who was born with Down syndrome) has a unique gift of expressing his soul via prayer-poems. These come through, sometimes spontaneously and somtimes invited. They share their ideas via  Lessons From An Earth Angel and their Facebook page. Reading his words, I feel a sense of hope welling up inside, a reassurance that sometimes, despite appearances, all is well.


I had sent Jannirose questions for her to address and for Charlie to answer with her assistance. His are first and hers follow.

Do you think you and I were meant to be together as mother and son?

Yes. I did know when I was a baby.

 What are you here for?

I’m here for Love. I came from the Light to help people remember their brightness.

Can you tell me a little more?

I’m a master from God and I came for healing hearts.

How are you doing this?

From my relationship with lightful holy living, I show people they are loved and help them feel the brightness of light inside themselves.

My life shows people about faith and helps them remember the goodness from their own lives.

Tell me a little more:

I love myself and everybody from the hope of joyful happiness with God.

What are your most important lessons for the world?

For people to feel the blessing of light for freedom in their souls.

And to keep their joy for living and stay in their hearts.

What is the meaning of life?

It’s about living the love that makes us shine our hearts like the sun.

Do you feel different from other people?

I am the same as everybody.

What makes you happy or smiling?

The heart of joyness from the kingdom of light in me.

What is love?

Oh, yes! Yes. It’s light from God for the life of our beautiful human heartness.

Do hugs make people feel better?

Hugs can bring shining love to our human hearts.

Sometimes people don’t like hugs because they need light inside for healing.

What do you want to tell everybody who reads this article?

To make some understandings of themselves about living in the light of love.

How was it being on stage with James Twyman at Celebrate Your Life :

It was fun because I felt the light of joyness in myself and all the people.

Do you ever have difficult times?



Because my world is bright with happiness from my angels. I live in my heart and feel from sadness to joy for the freedom spirit.

How does Spirit speak though you?

Oooh, yes! My spirit is the nation of Godness from the kingdom of heaven inside me.

I hear them in my inner self and feel them in my heart and mind.

What are your favorite things to do in life?

I love to feel the light everyday. It is freedom for my spiritness. My real life is from heaven with my angels around me.

How do your angels look to you?

They are lightful and shining bright from all the colors of love.

How do you see with your heart?

I feel with my brightest self of light for seeing.


Jannirose, do you think you were meant to be together in this life?

I had a glimpse when I was a young teenager that I would have a baby born with Down syndrome. This seemed like a bright blessing to me, but when I tried to share this news with those closest to me, I was met with many strong opinions that such a child would be a burden—so, I chose to bury this precious knowing so deep inside me that it was far from my awareness for more than 20 years.

When we adopted him as an infant, I was shown that he and I would share a special calling in the world. As my spiritual path deepened, it became clear how this would unfold. As the years went by, I watched the way he lived so completely from his heart—he had an emotional intelligence that was breathtaking for a person of any age and a deep concern for the welfare of others.

 How did you prepare to be his mom?

 I guess what I would say is simply that I began to open my heart to a purity of love that I’d never known. And to this day, 23 years later, I’m still doing it.

How do you balance the practical aspects of being the mother of a young man who is viewed as “differently abled” by much of the world and the awareness of his extraordinary gifts?

First off, I’ll say that because my way of seeing seems so different from the mainstream, there’s really not much to it for me. Since we’ve always accepted our son as a whole person who’s not missing anything, we just see him as perfectly Charlie.

It’s not so easy for me to separate these different parts of life. I tend to see the whole works of it in one view…no compartments. More like a broad sweeping picture. I have a feeling that my unusual perspective is just what I’ve needed as Charlie’s mother. I’ve always thought, in many ways, my way of seeing life is more like his than the average population. This helps us work very well together with a shared, deep understanding.

 From the first days after adopting Charlie, I started to notice a sort of curious attention from people whenever we’d take him out. In my experience, I hadn’t ever seen many babies born with Down syndrome in public. I think folks were kind of intrigued when they saw us out together, especially since I was so over-the-moon happy. It’s still this way all these years later. So that’s really the only time I remember there’s something different about him, at least in other people’s eyes. At home, he’s just plain Charlie.

 I have an important role in his life to create a full and satisfying world for him. And since he has such a huge, loving heart, I feel a responsibility to allow him to interact with as many people as possible throughout his days. He really lives for any opportunity to love and he does it with abandon.

His “day job” is as a volunteer in the athletic department at a community college in northern California. He’s been given the honorary title of “Motivational Manager” and he takes his duties seriously. This means he spends his weekday afternoons sitting and watching his teams practice for hours at a time. While it might appear to the casual onlooker that he’s not adding anything of value to his beloved athletes, what he’s really doing is “shining”. I know this because I asked him once. He said he’s ”shining light from heaven’s heart for love and joyness.”

It’s humbling and heartening to hear Charlie’s coaches tell me what a blessing he is to the entire team. And this is pretty much how it is throughout our days. In our small town, he’s loved by people everywhere we go and they aren’t shy about letting us know. Long ago, I realized that life with my special guy is mostly about sharing love. And I think to myself, “What a beautiful way to live.

 What gets you through challenging times?

I’d say my connection to Spirit is what carries me through life’s challenges. It’s a tremendous comfort to know I’m not alone and never have been. It also helps that I’ve learned to see the gifts for transformation and healing that often hide beneath what appears on the surface in any given situation. I’ve come to see Life as a school for the soul in which everything that happens brings an opportunity to learn and grow on many levels. And it helps that I have a built-in ability to keep hope alive even in the darkest of days. I’m also naturally equipped with an inordinate amount of joy that’s always waiting in the wings no matter what’s happening in my life.

I believe these qualities are directly related to my willingness to invite a child such as Charlie into my life. They help me to recognize him as the unique and beautiful person he is instead of seeing him as handicapped in any way. 

What James Twyman had to share about his friend Charlie:  “Messengers come in many forms, but what they share is always the same–Hope and Love. Charlie Fenimore’s voice is quieter than many, but the wisdom that moves so effortlessly through him reminds us of what is most important in this world. He guides us to return to our childhood innocence and inspires us with his loving kindness. Most of all, Charlie reminds us of who we are, or who we could be if we but choose to return to the innocence that is so natural to him.”
James Twyman, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Moses Code




When someone enters our lives, we are not always clear about the purpose or the path we will take as we share it with them. Parenting is one such journey that is undertaken with the desire to guide and teach a child as they grow into adulthood. What happens when the parent accepts that the young one is also a teacher and guide whose open heart and innocence expands her own view of how life can be?  In the case of mother and son Jannirose and Charlie Fenimore, they are shining examples of how that intention can blossom beautifully.

This two person force for good in the world came together when Jannirose and her husband George adopted Charlie who was born with Down Syndrome. His perspective is viewed through the lens of love. When he expresses his prayer-poems, people are astounded by the simple wisdom his words impart. Jannirose  is a healer, who, along with Charlie,  is part of James Twyman’s Beloved Community.

I had the opportunity to connect with them in the past month, via a mutual friend named Cindy Greb who moved from PA to CA this year. I had been following some of Jannirose’s posts on Facebook and was astounded by the extraordinarily wise words that emerged through Charlie, so I felt moved to reach out. I believe in Divine timing, as does Jannirose, which I discovered in a Thanksgiving Eve telephone conversation, so  the cosmically coincidental intersection was no surprise to either of us.

Jannirose refers to her wise son as an ‘earth angel’ who came with a special purpose. The two of them share his messages via Facebook on his page called Lessons from an earth angel and via his website.

They have co-authored two books, Happy In Soul ~A Very Special Prayer for Peace and Loving Outside the Lines~ Lessons from an Earth Angel. The first is a collection of Charlie’s prayer-poems and the second is Jannirose’s perspective on her son and his profound expression of the good medicine that this ailing world needs in order to heal.

I will be writing a series of articles about this mother-son team whose mission is in alignment with what many spiritual teachers have shared over the eons. One, which is still in the works, is an interview with the two of them. She has shared with me that whenever she asks Charlie some of the questions related to concepts I was interested in getting his unique take on, he offers something different than I would have anticipated. One reason is that Charlie doesn’t have the frame of reference that those with a different chromosomal makeup than he, might experience. The other might just be that the questions open the door to answers that people need to hear at this pivotal time in history.

Here is something Charlie shared last week. May it inspire you as it does me.


We can feel the hope for our living all together with one peaceful life.

We can feel our hearts in the light of shining love to let the darkness go.

We can feel of our feelings and our strength and hope to be healed with light.

We can feel our spirits being from the place of divine graceful.

We can feel our hearts to be lightful for the holiness of love.

We can feel forgiveness for every person to remember our happiness inside.

We can feel connected to Earth and heaven and life for the deepest freedom.

We can heal with Spirit to change our world with the light of courage.

We can heal our hearts and clear the tiredness of all minds with the Godness.

We can heal the people from the sun of loving joy.

We can heal our spirits to the shining home of wonderness.

We can heal ourselves with our God of the brightest lightful way.

We can heal for communicating with heartness to shine forgiving spirits.

We can heal with light to help free our souls from the human nature.

This is our time to be healed with sharing love.

This is our world from the healing place in the divine body of God’s people.

This is our planet of hope to be true of our grateful life.

This is our faith with our good selves in our beautiful human family.

This is our hope for all the people who are hurting.

This is our truth to healing the spirits with love to this kingdom of light.

This is our freedom of graceful brightness around our connection with hope.

Charlie Fenimore, 11/17/16



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