The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in people’s lives in unanticipated ways. Voluntary semi-quarantine, which I am engaged in now, except to go to work and have the occasional visit with my son, daughter in-law and newborn grandson has become a familiar experience over the past week. I am symptom-free and hopefully, virus free and will remain so. I don’t want to be a carrier or expose myself or anyone else needlessly. As a result, I have had to curtail a regular activity.

Since I can’t go out and hug people as is part of my passion and purpose until it is safe to do so, I am sending virtual hugs to the world. I am asking you to join me in circulating this logo that was designed by my friend Greg Campisi and is on the sign that I carry when I go out and do my FREE HUGS events. Share virtual hugs with your family and friends or anyone that you think could use it. This is a decision-making point for every one of us, do we want to live immersed in love or fear? Although it is challenging at times not to topple over into fear, I consciously and repeatedly choose love.

Please share this on your social media pages or on your groups. Let’s see this ‘go viral’ in a good way, in a healthy way, in a life-affirming way. When you see this, please tell us where in the world you are. Together we are stronger. We will get through this.

Much love, from Edie Weinstein, the founder of Hugmobsters Armed With Love

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