Safe Place with Ruth Graham

Dorian has ravaged the Bahamas and continues the agonizingly slow march up the Eastern seaboard. It seems the news programs can report on little else. The news that has consumed them for months has taken a back seat – swept ...Read More

My family is at the beach – a week we anticipate all year long! My youngest daughter could only be here 2 days because of the children’s school. My son came a 4 days but had to get back to ...Read More

I had the honor of visiting West Virginia’s only maximum security prison this weekend, Mt. Olive. I was invited to do so by Catalyst Ministries out of Charleston lead by Calvin Sutphin. Calvin is a man of great compassion and ...Read More

My brother, Franklin, certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest! Let me tell you something – he’s been that was since he was a young boy – he could make all three of his older sisters cry at the same time ...Read More