A friend of mine called me to ask if I would give a devotional or a word of encouragement to a local Friday morning group. I told him, “No, I am just depleted. I am on empty.” He understood and did not press. We went on to talk of other things…but I felt the Lord say to me, “You can tell of my faithfulness in your emptiness.” So I told my friend I would share something at the early morning gathering. And that’s what I did.

God sometimes answers prayers before we know we need them.

I tried to find a verse that says, “Before you called, I answered you.” But I couldn’t. If it’s not in the Bible, it ought to be! 🙂

Back in December I posted that my eldest granddaughter, 18, had been in a head-on collision with a tractor trailer. She was airlifted to the UVA trauma unit. It was a phone call no parent ever wants to receive. (She was not the driver.)

Her injuries were horrific: lacerated liver, shattered vertebrae that was threatening her spinal column. Rods and screws were placed to stabilize her spine and pelvis.They had to remove her spleen and part of her pancreas.

She had a broken leg, a broken foot on the other side and a broken right arm.

She spent weeks in the hospital then it was time to release her to rehab. But where? Noelle began to research.

Years ago, when Noelle graduated from Samford University in B’ham she went to work for a cardiologist in Atlanta. She was working for him when her father suddenly dropped dead. The doctor was so kind to her. He and his wife came to Noelle’s wedding and they have stayed in contact.

While she was working for him she continued her running passion and one day she was in a race going up this hill. It was hot and humid – as only Atlanta can be. She was tired. She didn’t want to be in this race. She wanted to quit. But she noticed the sidewalk was lined with people in wheelchairs cheering her on. She noticed the name of the hospital: Shepherd Rehab.

When she was researching the best hospital for VR’s kind of spinal injuries one of the top 10 in the nation was Shepherd. She called her doctor friend and asked if he knew anything about it and was there a possibility of getting VR a place there. He said, “Not only do I know the hospital but I know the Shepherds.” This past weekend he went by to visit with Noelle and VR. and introduced them to Mrs. Shepherd who is 95 and chairman of the Board! And also, has mutual friends with Noelle.

Only God! He was arranging this long before we knew we needed it.

And when the medical transport came from Vanderbilt to fly Virginia Ruth to Atlanta, Virginia Ruth talked to the on-board medic all the way down to Atlanta about what it was like to be a flight medic. She wants to be a helicopter EMT. She is already an EMT and got the 2001 “Junior EMT Award for Stuart’s Draft”.

The flight medic told her that when she gets well, he wants her to come to Nashville and make some runs with him. It gave her a goal.

Again, God answered before we knew we needed it.

The medic has since followed up with her father and said he doesn’t usually follow up with his patients but he really would like to have her come down to Nashville – he was so impressed with her. Only God! (We have life-long friends that live in Nashville that she could stay with – they would watch over her.)

So, yes. I am weary. I am depleted but when I see the hand of God and His goodness in this horrific situation I know He is at work and will continue to be at work. Morning by morning, new mercies I see. Great is Thy faithfulness.

And that is what I told that early morning group.

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