I posted something similar on my Face Book page and I want to share it with you all. (I use FB to keep track of my family. I disagree vehemently with their censorship.)

But last week when I went to the grocery store I was shocked by the rise in prices. I used together out of the store for about eighty dollars. But in the last couple of weeks it’s been so much higher. I noticed three cans of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup were five dollars. Now that soup is a kitchen staple. When did it get so high? So I began to notice other prices. I checked the price of a head of lettuce…something I eat every single day. It was well over one dollar – lettuce!!

My store has a barrel out front for donations to our local Food Bank.

I decided to go down the baby aisle. Talk about high prices! Wow!

On Friday night I was with some young mothers and I asked about the price of diapers. They told me that at today’s baby showers the young moms ask for diapers. It made my heart sad. No longer were there lovely receiving blankets or silver rattles. No. Just the hard reality of diapers.

I guess I come from a different age.

While at the store I bought formula and diapers and put it in the barrel for the Food Bank. I challenge you to do the same. Each week buy some diapers or formula and donate it. It will make a difference.

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