During the pandemic I decided to read the Old Testament prophets starting with Jeremiah who is one of my favorites.

There are those who think the Old Testament is harsh and God is angry and cruel. I don’t see Him that way at all. I see a loving God who is trying to form a people, a nation, for Himself to bless the world He created and we get to enjoy.

But men and women have been in rebellion ever since the Garden of Eden. God has been trying to woo them back. It’s a wonderful love story. God is a jilted lover. He longs for His people and longs to bless them, if they would only return to Him.

He calls through His prophets. “A voice is calling, clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness…”; “The heavens are telling the glory of God…”; “Do not fear, for I have redeemed your; have called you by name; you are Mine!…you are precious in my sight since you are honored and I love you.”

Does that sound like a harsh angry God? Not to me.

Now when the nation rebelled, there were consequences. Not capricious or arbitrary consequences – God had spelled it all out to them. He was fair with them. If you obey my laws, you will be blessed. If you don’t, there will be unpleasant consequences. His laws were for their good. He sounds like a good parent to me.

And He loves us. So much so that even in our rebellion and disobedience, He sent His only Son, Jesus to die for us. His heart broke for us and still does as He sees what we do to ourselves in our disobedience. We shake our fist in His face, tell Him to get out of our lives then wonder why we are in crisis. God will not be mocked. There are consequences living in rebellion.

But all along He has been calling out to anyone who would hear His voice. “Come unto Me.” He is not angry with you. Not at all.

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