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October 2011 Archives

Looking at the Occupy Wall Street crowd and its clones in cities nationwide, I understand the frustration over the economy in general – and sigh, deeply, at the movement’s lack of a unified message. But as diverse as the folks …Read More

When you are raised in a fundamentalist, Pentecostal preacher’s home, there’s usually just no debate about it: Halloween is when the Devil runs amok, and real Christians have nothing to do with it. Well, at least that’s how it started …Read More

Have you heard? Vampires are passe. Zombies? “They’re baaack.” (Shameless stolen phrase from the movie “Poltergeist,” there, with apologies for mixing horror literary references). Zombies, not unlike Harold Camping’s frequently uttered and revised predictions of The End, seem to be …Read More

Actor Jim Caviezel is one of my favorite actors, a short list that includes, for varying reasons, Tom Selleck, Russell Crowe and Mark Harman. Selleck I admire for his dead-on portrayal of male leads from Louis L’Amour’s cowboys to private …Read More

The world ended today. Again. Or not. You may recall that Harold Camping, the self-proclaimed Doomsday prophet who misfired back on May 21 with his “guaranteed” Second Coming of Christ prediction, had re-set the End of Days for October 21. …Read More

If you watched the Republican presidential candidates debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas, you heard a couple things beyond the usual bashing (some deserved, I do not argue) of President Obama’s lackluster tour of White House duty. First, after the …Read More

The growing anti-Wall Street protests have triggered a sort of déjà vu experience for me. It was probably inevitable, when the high school economics teacher was a closet Marxist, that my introduction to the “way things work on Wall Street” …Read More

There are many ways to experience humility, find that perfect moment when time seems to stop long enough for you to notice something simple and beautiful — and profound — about nature. A sunset. Water tumbling over rocks in a …Read More

You have caught the YouTube (and national news) rage over so-called “real life superheroes.“ No longer fictional, comic book heroes. Oh, no. These are real guys out there in a variety of costumes, in cities across the nation, fighting crime. …Read More

A Southern Baptist pastor is catching a lot of heat for daring to say what so many fundamentalist Christians will say among themselves, if not on a nationally-televised platform: that they believe Mormonism to be a “non-Christian cult.” Specifically, the Rev. …Read More