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August 2011 Archives

  As a Palestinian teenager, Mosab Hassan Yousef decided to follow Jesus after a British businessman gave him a Bible in the marketplace.   Yousef is the son of one of the founders of the terrorist group Hamas.   At age …Read More

What a fun, but inspiring video clip! This canine knows what we’re supposed to do before having breakfast! That’s right, we’re supposed to thank our Almighty Father for His incredible love for us … and ask for His strength not …Read More

Ricky Kaká doesn’t care if the whole world knows. In fact, he prays that they do. “I Belong to Jesus” reads the t-shirt that the former FIFA World Player of the Year and the European Confederations Player of the Year wears under …Read More

Should Christians such as Billy Graham who read aloud the Bible’s admonitions against “sin” be banned from the airwaves for using “hateful speech”?   The Southern Poverty Law Center thinks so — recommending that the national press should blacklist — refuse to quote …Read More

OK, this video is just fun. Seems that 90-year-olds Marlow and Frances Cowan were in between consultations with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, when the couple decided it was up to them to brighten up the waiting area. …Read More

Back in 1956, before it was illegal to read the Bible in school or have an opening prayer before class started, busloads of American kids excitedly went on field trips to their local theater to see Cecil B. DeMille’s epic …Read More

What? Unicorns in the Bible? Yes, they are mentioned nine times. Could it be unicorns really existed? A 1967 hit song by the Irish Rovers tells a fanciful story of how Noah couldn’t persuade any “silly” unicorns to get on board the …Read More

“The Last Word” show host Lawrence O’Donnell lashed out at the Almighty as well as the Book of Revelation last night on the “Rewrite” segment of his news commentary show. He’s MSNBC’s Senior Political Analyst as well as the Emmy-winning producer …Read More

The innocence of childhood is caught in this award-winning video. You’ll understand why Jesus told His disciples not to forbid the children from coming to Him … for such is the kingdom of Heaven.  Warning: have a tissue ready to dab …Read More