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matthew currie astrology cheerful astrologerRecently, an astrologer friend of mine (well, a friend in the Facebook/Twitter sense anyway) recently said: “Astrologers talking about positivity, uplifting vibes and wokeness instructing the real world!! …Seriously, why are astrologers so blinkered to reality and insist life is wonderful when mostly, its not.”

This got me to thinking about how different astrologers have different approaches to their work, and how some are inherently pessimistic or optimistic. First, let’s establish our definitions, in the form of an old Russian joke:

What’s the difference between a pessimist and an optimist? A pessimist looks at things and says “ugh, things couldn’t be any worse than this.” An optimist looks at things and says “hey… things could get plenty worse yet!”


I understand perfectly well what my above-mentioned friend is saying. I sometimes worry that some astrologers are entirely too focused on positivity, to the point where they overlook the fact that yes, sometimes the circumstances we face in life do in fact suck. Pouring more Love And Light on it can be helpful, sure — but too much of that, and one risks being almost useless.

There’s a special subset of these: the astrologers who focus on making memes (“meemers”?). Nothing wrong with that, but too much meme-based astrology is like a diet based entirely on french fries and cupcakes. I’ve known a couple of these astrologers who produce a lot of memes who really do know their stuff… but some of them, I’ve gotta wonder. I’ve been known to make a few memes myself once or twice, so I’d better not bash this group too hard.

On the other hand, there are some astrologers who are entirely too negative and/or pessimistic. You know the ones: the moment a celebrity has a scandal, some astrologers will dance with glee. Or the ones who hate Politician X and will thus take the worst spin on an aspect or take a deep dive into obscure asteroids in order to back their contention.

Where do I stand on this scale? Let me answer that in the form of a metaphor.

My favorite film is Magnolia. It’s a big sprawling film with basically a dozen lead characters, all of whom are sad and/or lonely and/or wounded in some way. The film is punctuated with seemingly random encounters and moments of hilarity, and after a weird event of (literally Biblical) proportions — it ends with a slow zoom in on the face of arguably the saddest and most wounded character…

…And she smiles.

Yeah. That’s how I see life, and that’s how a lot of readings with me turn out.

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