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matthew currie astrology compatibility(This is part of the “Ask An Astrologer” series, where I occasionally try to demonstrate how getting a consultation can genuinely help and provide real guidance, using real-life examples. Want to find out for yourself? There’s a link to my e-mail at the bottom of this blog entry.)

RS writes:
“Do you see anything I need to know in my chart? I am a Scorpio with Scorpio rising as well”

Although your question may seem like a simple one, it’s excellent. In fact it kind of summarizes why one way or another, most people come for a reading (more about those HERE). Boiling it all down into one simple statement might not be easy, but in your case I can do that.


What do I mean by that? I don’t know what your level of familiarity is with astrology, but my guess is that you’re learning it, and that probably means spending a lot of time reading about it online (and if you ever do run into an astrologer who claims that they stopped learning because they “know it all”? Be immediately suspicious).

As you know by now, there a distinct emphasis on Scorpio in your birth chart… Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune, no less. One of the problems with going by simplified cookbook definitions… and oh my how the internet loves those… is it in a case like yours it will sound like some kind of basic Scorpio stereotype is being applied to half your birth chart. You’ve probably come across software-generated interpretations of your personality that make you sound like either Batman on a good day or Hannibal Lecter on a bad day.

Personally, I’m guessing that neither one of those interpretations hits the mark. For one thing, that completely ignores the significance of your Moon in Pisces, which is in a close opposition to your natal Pluto. Regardless of anything else going on in your birth chart, that is going to be a major driver in your life. That, and you may have noticed that Scorpio tends to have a bad reputation in general, and specifically when it comes to Venus in Scorpio. In my experience, that’s pretty unfair, and you’ve probably felt it’s pretty unfair in your time too.

Also, since most House Systems park all that Scorpio in your 12th House (except for your Sun), most standard interpretations probably make you sound like you’re either too psychic to be of any practical use, or you’re possibly just plain crazy. I don’t think that applies either. I use Whole Sign Houses, and I find they’re a lot more objective.

Secondly, there are a lot of places on the internet, especially on Facebook, where you will see a bunch of people ask a relatively simple question about their birth chart who will then receive number of simple answers… most of which are probably wrong. Here’s an example:

Q: My husband is a Capricorn and has recently started working a lot of extra shifts, especially night shifts and weekends. Is he cheating on me?

A1: No, absolutely not. Capricorns are always stable and steadfast and like to make lots of money. That’s why he’s working all the time.

A2: Yes. Yes your husband is cheating on you. My ex-husband is a Capricorn and he cheated on me all the time!

A3: You have the asteroid Obscura conjunct the asteroid Ijustmadethisup in your 7th house. Therefore not only is he cheating on you, he is probably doing it as a secret member of a Satanic cult.


That’s the thing with free advice: you usually get what you paid for. So hey… why not get a reading and I’ll give you the real scoop on all the great things Saturn and Pluto will be doing for you in the next year… and I can help you get a handle on all the screwball stuff coming thanks to transiting Uranus opposite your Mercury and Venus…

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