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Many people who are learning astrology often complain that it is complicated. My usual response to that is usually something like “life itself is complicated, so why shouldn’t astrology be the same?”

Given the popularity of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, maybe it’s time to change that. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Marie Kondo is an expert on “sparking joy” by making your environment less cluttered. If you’ve watched her show, you’ll understand why I also suspect that she is a tiny woodland nymph from Japanese legend who escaped the forest in order to get a contract with Netflix, but I digress.

Marie is all about making people’s lives better by getting rid of clutter. In other words, throwing out most of your stuff. Can the same principle be applied to the basics of astrology?

Well… no. No, it can’t. But here are some memes on the subject anyway. You’re welcome.

(Click on them to enlarge them if you’re having a hard time reading, or if you are reading this on your phone. Man, formatting for multiple platforms is HARD.)

matthew currie astrology kondo sunmatthew currie astrology kondo moonmatthew currie astrology kondo mercurymatthew currie astrology kondo venusmatthew currie astrology kondo marsmatthew currie astrology kondo jupitermatthew currie astrology kondo saturnmatthew currie astrology kondo uranusmatthew currie astrology kondo neptunematthew currie astrology kondo pluto

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