Oh My Stars

matthew-currie-astrology- jupiter retrogradeJupiter is retrograde in the Sign that rules until August, and it is square Neptune, which is also retrograde. I have commented here before that this is leading to a bumper crop of delusions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything you dream of now is necessarily a mirage.

It may be an oversimplification to say that Jupiter rules “good luck” or “good fortune,” but there is still a strong element of truth to that. So if you have a dream of a new job or a new relationship or better health or something like that, there’s no reason to give up on us or tell yourself that you’re just hallucinating. But under these circumstances, how can you really be expected to get practical results?

Allow me to demonstrate by telling you a True Tale of the Highly Improbable.


I was a kid, and it was our last trip of the year out to our cabin by the lake. The ground was carpeted with exactly the kind of red and yellow leaves you would expect to see in a deciduous forest in Canada at that time of year.

There was a peculiar rustling sound coming from under the leaves, and it turns out that’s because there was a wild mouse running around out there. What was strange was that this mouse wasn’t exactly drawn to me, but he wasn’t exactly running away either. Mice, as you may have heard, or not exactly known for their bravery or friendliness.

I had a standard-issue hardware store yellow plastic bucket, and I was determined to catch that mouse. My Dad thought that was ridiculous, and he was probably right. He told me I wouldn’t be able to do it. It turns out he was wrong.

At first my plan was pretty simple. I would just sneak up on the mouse and scoop him up into the bucket. That went about as well as you would imagine, and I soon stopped because I realized I was scaring the mouse unnecessarily. But I wasn’t about to give up either, so I put some thought into it.

I got a marshmallow and put it on the end of a long stick. I laid the yellow bucket down on its side. I slowly managed to gain enough of the mouse’s trust that he would nibble a bit of the marshmallow and the skitter away… but then come back. I was slowly able to lure him in closer and closer, until he was inside the bucket. I tipped the bucket up right and voila! I had my mouse!


Unfortunately, here is where the metaphor breaks down if you were hoping for a completely satisfying ending. The mouse was so terrified that he kept jumping up trying to get out of the bucket, and every time he jumped he pooped. So I let him go. But hey… your mileage may vary.


So: even in these challenging circumstances, you can carefully plot your way to success. Dream up your mouse, if you don’t know what that is already, and do the work. Then watch what happens starting in August.

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