Oh My Stars

matthew currie astrology chains“But now
you’re set on probing the bitter pains I’ve borne,
so I’m to weep and grieve, it seems, still more.
Well then, what shall I go through first,
what shall I save for last?”

-The Odyssey, Book IX

I’ve been reading up lately on something called “trauma bonding.” It’s a phenomenon that keeps a lot of people in abusive relationships, even when they know they shouldn’t.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably known someone who seemed to insist on staying in a marriage or partnership that’s clearly not doing them the least bit of good. Sometimes there are fairly obvious reasons why these otherwise capable and intelligent people do so. Sometimes it’s economic, sometimes it’s “for the sake of the kids.” There are other reasons for it as well.

But sometimes it’s an actual chemical addiction. Your brain gets used to the cycle of “suffering from the lack of substance/temporary relief by applying the substance/back to suffering without it. It works basically the same whether the “chemical” in addition is the neurochemistry induced by recurring stress or an opioid.

Funny thing though: you don’t need to be in a bad relationship to experience this. You could be trapped in what seems like an endless spin cycle with your bad job, or your bad habits, or some other personal dynamic. Maybe you’re even addicted to keeping yourself down.

So: had enough yet? Want to change things? Yeah, me too.

Astrology should not be fatalistic. You are not a wind-up toy for the Universe to play with. You have Agency. Come along with me over the next few blog entries, where I’m going to look at the current energies and look at how, specifically, you can use them to make your life a much better place.

Let’s do this!

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