matthew currie astrology jupiter square neptuneJupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be in effect for much of 2019. Even though the square is considered to be a bad aspect, there is much good that can be gained from it if you work with it properly. Jupiter is the ruler of traditional religiosity and spiritual beliefs, and Neptune has a similar spiritual bent to it — but is a little more focused on the feeling than it is on the rules and regulations involved. When these two forces are in conflict, it is possible that (with wisdom), new insights can be made into the nature of your Universe.

Jupiter square Neptune isn’t usually associated with “practicality” or “realism.” It may not be very practical to live in Fantasyland all the time, but spending a little more time there can help you dream up bigger and better solutions for regular everyday living. If nothing else, you can probably expect a major uptick in psychic phenomena, both with yourself and with others.

That’s the good news. And now, the more challenging side of Jupiter square Neptune…

If you spend much time on the Internet, you probably know by now that there are some people out there with some downright crazy and dangerous beliefs. Of course, the crazy and dangerous beliefs of other people are always easier to spot than one’s own. how can you or others figure it out without it all dangerously blowing up in your face? That’s one of the big questions raised by Jupiter square Neptune.

Jupiter square Neptune is in effect for a large portion of the year, with three exact hits in January, June, and September. A lot of illusions were stripped away the last time this aspect happened. Jupiter square Neptune ate up most of 2006. Among other noteworthy events under that influence: the corruption of Enron was exposed. Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, got fatally overconfident with a stingray. We discovered that Reverend Ted Haggard had a taste for male prostitutes and methamphetamines.

What do all of these things have in common? A combination of arrogance or over-confidence, short-sightedness, and an absolute conviction that someone was either right and/or would not get caught.

Gosh, does any of that sound familiar now?

Of course the world survived this aspect last time, and in many ways got better. Maybe it’s just because I’m a chronic optimist, but I believe we will be able to say the same at the end of 2019 — but you have to admit that it seems like there is a bumper crop of self-deluded people out there on the Internet, and there are many triggers that could potentially be pulled…. and people don’t tend to take it well when their illusions are removed. Here’s hoping that you and I, at least, are right about our beliefs…

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