matthew-currie-astrology-saturn sextile uranusThere is sometimes a tendency among astrologers, myself included, to see the more difficult aspects first and to overlook the quieter and more constructive aspects. As I sometimes tell my clients, the news never starts with all the things that didn’t blow up today, does it?

For all these squares and Eclipses and such that one can normally expect in any given year, 2019 will be particularly blessed. The entire year please out under the influence of Saturn sextile Neptune. Although this aspect has three exact hits in January, June, and November, these two planets stay within about 5 degrees of the sextile from each other all year long.

The trine and the sextile tend to get overlooked. They don’t slap you in the face the same way that a stressful square or a demanding conjunction does. They are quietly constructive. They are the kind of aspects that make things slowly and gently better in the background while the explosions grab all the headlines.

Saturn sextile Neptune is a particularly interesting and powerful aspect. Saturn is all uptight and into restriction, and Neptune is all loose and spiritual and hippie-like. Normally these are two planets that you wouldn’t sit next to each other in a dinner party. but when they get their act together and work on the same goal, as they well in 2019? This can be a time for overcoming both inner and outer boundaries with kindness, gentleness and spirituality… and yet you can still achieve solid, lasting, and practical results.

Have you gotten lazy with your spiritual practices? Do you understand the higher reason why you are striving towards your material goals? Saturn sextile Neptune can help you sort all that out in 2019.

Now, just in case you were afraid I’m losing my edge in my old age, fear not. Next time we’ll get back to the more tense things happening in 2019. Just remember that Saturn sextile Neptune can help you overcome all of it and come out better than ever.

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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