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matthew currie astrology tony robbinsInternationally-renowned self-help Guru Tony Robbins is in a lot of trouble lately. Last week, a lengthy article on BuzzFeed as a result of a year-long investigation claimed that (among other things) he has committed multiple acts of sexual harassment and that his intensive meetings designed to help people overcome their doubts become big achievers in life are weird and cult-like affairs that border on abuse.

As is always the case, the transits could have told us in advance that Tony was in for some trouble. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction (currently enhanced by the addition of the Moon’s South Node) is square Tony’s Seventh-House Moon in Aries, which is also the ruler of his Cancer Midheaven. And as is always the case, the smaller transits are acting as triggers. Transiting Uranus has been square Tony’s Mars for a while now, and on Friday (when the story broke) it was joined by Venus. To top it all off, Tony Robbins is now on the tail end of his second Saturn Return.

Putting all this together, it would be easy to see that this was going to be a time of considerable stress in his career. Dig a little deeper and, aided by hindsight, it’s not too hard to see how someone could have predicted “career stress fueled by abuse of power and possibly involving sex.” But does any of this mean he’s actually guilty of the things he is accused of?


I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on this story online. Many are saying things like “I knew it!” or “I never trusted him,” and others are fully defending him, claiming it’s the work of “haters” and pointing out (correctly) the many thousands of people Tony Robbins has helped. I find I’m in the fortunate position of being neutral on this matter. I never really paid much attention to him, in part because (to be honest) I tend to avoid “gurus.”

If you’ve ever read anything by an astrologer about politics, odds are good you’ve seen some personal bias at work. If one astrologer loves Politician X, and another one hates Politician X, you’ll likely see some wildly different interpretations. The same could apply here. Does Tony’s Seventh House Moon in Aries ruling his Midheaven mean “he works boldly with others as his career”? Or does it mean “he pushes people too hard with his work?” Does his Venus-Mars conjunction in the 5th House mean he’s “outgoing and sociable”? Or does it mean “his sex drive gets out of hand”?

I have my suspicions about this matter, but I’m not saying. Just remember: your birth chart is as much “you” as is your DNA… but neither one is the “choices you choose to make.” That’s up to you. Choose wisely.

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