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matthew currie astrology saturn pluto lounge(Read more about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction by clicking here)

Saturn turns retrograde on Monday and stays that way until September 16th. This means that we will be feeling the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction until it becomes exact in January 2020, and for some time afterwards. For many of you, this conjunction has been making trouble for a couple of years now — especially if you have any major placements in your chart at 17 to 24 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or love someone who has those placements.

If this transit has been difficult for you, relax. There are always ways to cope with these things. One important principle is to keep in mind that a big transit like this never brings disaster unless there are other, smaller transits at work at the time. There are also going to be smaller and faster transits that open windows of opportunity to address the problems that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction might be making for you.

How are you supposed to keep track of those transits though if you aren’t an astrologer? In answer to this, I have created a special Facebook group: The Saturn-Pluto Bomb Shelter And Lounge!

If you are concerned about the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction between now and early 2020, click here and join the group. I’ll be providing regular updates on all the other transits that will be interacting with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and giving you tips on how to navigate the tough times and maximize your benefits when the transits are making things better.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to show how astrology can be of real and practical use in making people’s lives better. I know the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be hitting me hard. If it’s hitting you too, let’s get through this thing together.

Come and hang out in the lounge with me!

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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