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Pluto has been hovering between 15 and 23 degrees of Capricorn since 2016. For many people this has been incredibly stressful time. Pluto transits can be incredibly challenging to navigate. After all, Pluto is the one planet that most enjoys […]

This Tuesday, Facebook announced that it would be entering the booming business of cryptocurrency by creating/backing what they are calling “Libra.” For those of you unfamiliar with “cryptocurrency”: it’s basically money without a physical form, unlike the currency issued by […]

On the face of it, Bella Thorne has everything going for her that a Libra could ask for. Famous, talented, attractive, and a big hit on social media. She’s got an album out and has written four books, the latest […]

Many of you out there keep track of your own transits, or at least know which House of your birth chart Mars, for example, is passing through. You’ll go and look up what that means, and you’ll often find what’s […]

I last wrote about Renée Zellweger (born April 25, 1969, 2:41 PM, Baytown Texas) in 2010, when a startled public was focused not on her talent, or her career achievements, but on her face — specifically, what many saw as […]

Internationally-renowned self-help Guru Tony Robbins is in a lot of trouble lately. Last week, a lengthy article on BuzzFeed as a result of a year-long investigation claimed that (among other things) he has committed multiple acts of sexual harassment and […]

Recently, in the Facebook group I’ve founded about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a member spoke up about some of the numerous issues she’s facing because of this transit. Let’s call her “Jane.” Specifically (without giving too much detail away), Jane’s partner […]

Like many of you, I’ve recently had a lot of concern about Godzilla. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Start again. Many people are concerned about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and I’m specifically worried about how it’s going to affect Godzilla. […]

(Wait! Have you heard about The Saturn-Pluto Bomb Shelter And Lounge? CLICK HERE and find out all about it!) When I’m doing a reading for a client and I see a stressful transit happening, I often look at when the […]

(Read more about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction by clicking here) Saturn turns retrograde on Monday and stays that way until September 16th. This means that we will be feeling the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction until it becomes exact in January […]