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matthew-currie-astrology-saturn conjunct plutoThe biggest news about the astrology of 2019, ironically, does not happen in 2019 at all. Saturn conjunct Pluto will be exact on January 12th, 2020 at 22 degrees Capricorn. However, if one allows five degrees of orb, this conjunction comes into effect in February 2019 and will be an influence the first half of the year before Saturn turns retrograde, and will come back into play in November of 2019.

If 22 degrees Capricorn makes a major aspects to any important point in your birth chart, you’re going to feel this one hard. In fact, you’ve already had a sneak preview. Pluto has been dragging its heels around that part of Capricorn for a couple of years now. The July 12th Eclipse from this year was closely opposite that point. Think back to anything significant that may have being an issue for you in the last couple of years that may have gone off the rails at the time of that eclipse or a month or so after that point. That was your preview. Fun, wasn’t it?

A lot of people felt like they were hit by a train back then, and a lot of people are going to be feeling that throughout much of 2019 and 2020. But I’m here to tell you to not panic. There is gold hidden in this.


I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, after having listened to what is my all-time favorite Christmas song. It’s a peculiar choice for an old white dude born and raised in Canada like me: Mary Had A Baby.

Mary Had A Baby is what we used to call a “negro spiritual” (my apologies for not knowing the more politically correct term for it now). For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a “negro spiritual” is a song created by African slaves who.were being held in captivity in America, by people who considered themselves to be good Christians, and thus wanted their slaves to be good Christians as well.

That’s right. Good Christians who had slaves (note to self: look up when the term “cognitive dissonance” was first used).

The first verse of the song goes like this:

Mary had a baby, oh, Lord,
Mary had a baby, oh my Lord,
Mary had a baby, oh Lord,
People keep a-comin’ an’ the train done gone.

Each verse has ended with that same line: “People keep a-comin’ an’ the train done gone,” in one form or another over the years. Seems like a weird thing to be saying in a Christmas song, doesn’t it? Let me explain what it means without this turning into too much of a sermon.

Christmas was a good time of year for a slave to escape. Their owners were usually busy partying, and we’re often less cruel around Christmas, what would being good Christians and all. If you were a slave and wanted to escape, it wasn’t easy. You’d often have to organize with others willing to stick their neck out to help you, get out, then arrange to meet up at another location, and eventually get involved with what was called “The Underground Railroad.”

Ending each verse of a Christmas song with a reminder that you had missed that train seems like a pretty serious bummer, doesn’t it? But there is implied hope in it, and it relates to my point about those of you who are scared of the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

Yes, you may have faced a lot of crap in the last couple of years. Yes, for many of you it’s going to get worse. But I’m here to tell you not to be afraid. I’m going to be right here to walk you through the whole thing. And if there’s one thing I want to assure you of right now, it’s this: that distant rumble you’ve heard so far coming from the Saturn Pluto Conjunction Train? It’s not coming to run you over. It’s coming to liberate you.

Merry Christmas everyone, and don’t lose your ticket. We’re all taking a trip.

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