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matthew currie astrology july 12 2018 eclipseI often tell my clients that a New Moon is an excellent time to set your intentions for the coming month.

I sometimes wonder, though, how useful that advice is, or how many people actually follow it. Setting your intentions on a New Moon is a little like New Year’s resolutions: by mid February at the latest that gym membership is going unused, and you haven’t done anything to find a better job.

July 12th brings us not just any New Moon, but a Solar Eclipse. That makes it particularly powerful as New Moons go, but the opposition to Pluto makes it far more powerful than even a regular solar eclipse. how this is going to affect you is of course dependent on the placements in your individual birth chart. For some this will be overwhelmingly positive… read my previous blog entry about this Eclipse here if you haven’t already.

Making room for new growth, even if it’s for something very good, usually involves clearing some dead wood. And that, I think, is the lesson this Solar Eclipse will be bringing us.

So: in order to make room for something beautiful and true in your life, even if there is a very happy outcome to all of this, you just might have to let go of something. It might mean letting go of the damage from your past, which is one of those things that sounds good in theory but is often painfully difficult in practice. It could be a matter of releasing an attitude about yourself or someone or something else that is holding you back from achieving your full potential. Or, it could be as simple as letting go of someone you love because you’ve come to the opinion that you’re both more in love with each other’s damage, or your own. In any case, remember that (medically speaking) amputation is sometimes necessary, and clearly the right thing to do — but nothing is worse than a botched or incomplete amputation.

I may not know what your individual situation may be… but, Dear Gentle Reader, I assure you that things can and will be better in future. And I assure you the one way or another, that work will begin with this eclipse. Godspeed… and if you want to talk about this, you know where to find me.

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