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When Mars is retrograde, it’s often a time when it’s better to think about bold action, rather than to actually strike out. When Mars is retrograde and conjunct the South Node (as it is now), it’s a time when you should think especially carefully before you act based on old wounds from the past, or (worse) if you use your past as an excuse to mess up your present or future.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a pet monkey, but you were crushed because your parents said no…?


July 20: Mars (retrograde) conjunct South Node
You’ve decided that you’re going to confront this shadow from your past and finally do something you’ve always wanted to do: you’re going to buy a monkey. This is going to be awesome!

July 27: Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius, conjunct Mars
Things aren’t working out as planned with you and Mr. Bobo. He poops pretty much wherever he wants to, and has a habit of going into the kitchen and throwing everything off of the shelves. But you know, any relationship takes work, so you’re not about to give up.

August 1: Mars (retrograde) square Uranus
Mr. Bobo is now regularly flinging handfuls of poop at you, and you can’t pet him anymore because he keeps trying to bite you. You buy a roll of chicken wire and intend to build a cage for him, but you can’t get him into it, so you just use it to wall off a portion of your living room.

August 3: Mars (retrograde) sextile Chiron
You find yourself wondering if it was really all that traumatic when your parents told you you couldn’t have a pet monkey. Sure, you have issues with your parents, but that doesn’t mean they were wrong about everything. You find yourself at peace with your past, and Mr Bobo calms down for, like, at least half a day.

August 12: Mars (retrograde) enters Capricorn
It’s time to apply some common sense to the Mr. Bobo situation. You watched a bunch of YouTube videos about training monkeys and, with luck you will hopefully have some kind of a useful pet. Sounds like a plan, right?

August 27: Mars goes direct
The monkey absolutely cannot be reasoned with. His half of the living room is now shredded beyond recognition. You decide to call the guy you bought the monkey from to ask some questions. It turns out the monkey used to be in a laboratory study of aggression in drug addicts, was apparently very badly treated, and just might have herpes.

September 25: Mars conjunct South Node
Once again you find yourself wanting to address issues from your past. Your ex calls and talks to you about your life, and by the end of the conversation you start thinking that maybe things weren’t so bad with that relationship after all. Maybe you two could give it another shot.

… But then the lesson from the last time Mars was conjunct the South Node kicks in. You realize that reconciling with that jerk would be a terrible mistake, but you still want to honor the good parts of it. So, with that in mind, you give your ex a gift. Specifically, a pet monkey…

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