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beliefnet astrology gemini matthew currieAs many of you may already know, a “trine” is when two planets are 120 degrees apart. It’s generally considered to be the “best” aspect. If you have one in your birth chart (and you very well may, somewhere) the standard description makes it sound a little like someone did Feng Shui on that part of you. Lots of people call it “harmonious” and stuff like that. Moon trine Neptune? A harmonious flow between your emotions and your sense of mysticism. Venus trine Jupiter? You are amiable and people like you. Mars trine Uranus? You have no problem putting your individuality in motion. And so on.

Now, suppose you have three planets, with each one trine to the other two… Sun in early Aries, Mars in early Leo, and Neptune in early Sagittarius, let’s say. That’s what we call a “Grand Trine.” Woo hoo! Sounds like you’ve really hit the astrological jackpot, doesn’t it?

Not so fast. The Grand Trine can be a real curse, and the worst kind of curse… an invisible one.

You see, a trine represents ease, talent, gifts… good things. But sometimes if something comes too easily to you, you can get lazy with it. Worse yet, you can become like a millionaire who just naturally assumes that either everyone else is a millionaire too, except for the occasional peasant. And in a world full of millionaires, there’s something obviously wrong with a peasant, isn’t there?

The aspects between the planets in your birth chart do a lot to set the tone inside your own head, and thus affect how you relate to others and to life itself. Trines are “easy,” and a Grand Trine is “a lot of easy.” Think of it as a pool table with three sides, and the pockets are in the corners. Bounce a ball off the sides, and theoretically it could bounce around forever without actually sinking. That may be of some amusement to you, but it’s no way to win at pool. Or, in real-life terms… it’s a rut. A comfortable, cozy one perhaps, but a rut nonetheless… from which there may simply be no escape.

The good news is that your birth chart is the hand you were dealt, but it doesn’t force you to play it one specific way. You have choice… and lucky you, especially if you have a Grand Trine!

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