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When you’re in love, it’s like dreams can come true. But that doesn’t necessarily your dreams, or the dreams you used to dream. But usually, in the final analysis, life and love bend towards at least a notion of how things should be. The process can be frightening and painful. But sometimes… sometimes… it can lead to wonders you never dared dream for yourself. The complexities of the human heart are not the sole dominion of women, or men. And sometimes these things aren’t even limited to humans.

You may have heard about Harry and Pepper, two male penguins who set up romantic shop together at The San Francisco Zoo. They were a happy couple, despite having the conventions of traditional Western morality against them, content to spend their days grooming each other, setting up a home together, and enjoying all the free raw fish. Everything was great, or so it seemed — until Linda showed up. Linda was the widow from across the way, and penguins are apparently not inclined to waste time when they find themselves single, even after a tragic loss.

It didn’t take long for Harry to stray from his place with Pepper and set up shop with Linda… all in time for mating season. And so now Pepper is single and on the prowl… This, despite Pepper having been convinced that the status quo was “good enough.” I have no astrological advice to go with this. I did actually try to find birth data for the penguins in question. And honestly… I don’t know that any astrologer could say anything wiser about this situation than what zookeeper Harrison Edell had to say on the matter: “People think we separated them on purpose,” Edell said. “There’s no explaining love.”


Astrologers find themselves in an unusual position when it comes to the love relationships of their clients, past present and future. On the one hand, we can see the mechanisms that work and make things great when all is well. On the other hand, we can see the potential pitfalls… but who wants to hear about all that when you’re in love? We can see perfectly well the aspects that tear people apart… but who cares about that when things are going well? Transits are what change us, but ultimately — the birth chart you fell in love with is the same birth chart that’s driving you crazy now. At least if you get a reading on the matter, you’ll get some clarity, a but of guidance — and possibly, hope.

Hey: people are complicated some times. Even penguins are complicated. You thought Astrology wouldn’t be?


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