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beliefnet-astrology-matthew-currie-westworld saturn pluto(Mild spoilers for both Season One of Westworld on HBO and for the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction)

Once upon a time there was a magical place of wonder where the rich and powerful could live out their fantasies at the expense of those less fortunate than themselves. Life there was good for everyone, except of course for the non-rich and non-powerful who found themselves trapped in a seemingly inescapable cycle of feeding into their own servitude.

Then one day the non-rich and the non-powerful rose up, and a lot of people got killed as the oppressive system was overthrown.

Sound familiar?


Westworld return to HBO for its second season tonight. Last season I wrote about the show twice (you can click here and click here for those) relating it to what I call “The Age Of Neptune,” as the Lord of Dreams makes its long slow trip through the Sign it rules, Pisces. At the time, we were all closely wrapped in our individual bubbles of technology: turning the age of information into the age of self-delusion, where all of our carefully curated Facebook friends and Twitter followers march to the same beat, impervious to outside opinions or objective reality.

Both on Westworld and in our world, something has changed. We are now approaching the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2019 and 2020. Whereas before the question was “how do we keep from being eaten alive by our own dreams and delusions,” we now face an even more difficult task: now that we’ve begun to pierce the veil of our illusions, what do we do about it?

Since the last episode of Westworld, the robots have begun to understand what has been done to them and have risen up against their masters in a violent revolution. Also since then, our world has been swept up in the #metoo movement, and power structures that have been in place for centuries are now being questioned and (hopefully) dismantled.

What do we do? Do we replace one brutal and oppressive system with another? Or do we learn some lessons, and some compassion? Do we recognize that even the oppressors have had a role in oppressing themselves by being a part of that system? Do we create a better world for all of us, or will we reverting to the usual pattern of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”?

Westworld is fiction, but like all good fiction it shine a light on our reality that mere facts alone cannot. Here in our world, the oppressor… whether you want to call it “the patriarchy” or “economic imbalance” or whatever… is similarly showing its cracks. And as with the second season of Westworld, the upcoming Saturn Pluto conjunction will provide us all with the opportunity to build something new and better for all of us from the remains — or we will screw up this opportunity the way we always have in past?

We don’t know how this will all turn out a few years from now, just as ultimately we don’t (yet) with Westworld. But in the meantime, pay attention to the next couple of weeks as Mars and Pluto are conjunct in the same place in Capricorn that the Saturn Pluto conjunction will be happening. Also take careful note what happens in your life (and the world) after the Solar Eclipse in July — which is directly opposite that point in Capricorn. Both will provide clues as to what is coming in 2019 and 2020.

Astrology provides the groundwork, but it does not make the decisions for us. We may be awakening into a world of horrors that we had not noticed before, but at least now we are becoming conscious of them.

Will we build a better world for ourselves? I like to think so. I am an optimist at heart, and although human history has been a long slow slog through self-imposed terrible conditions, we are still capable of learning. Two steps forward and one step back is still a net gain of one step.

We, the awakening robots of Humanworld, are about to enter an era of great change, as heralded by the Saturn Pluto conjunction. It remains to be seen what we do with it.

I urge you, one and all: question your programming.

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