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Nature PhotographyI have now been the astrology columnist at Beliefnet for 700 blog entries (this is actually number 701, my recent article on the season premiere of Westworld and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction being officially number  700). Some of you have been here since the beginning, and some of you are new arrivals. In either case, I am grateful for you, Dear Reader.

This seems like a good time to introduce (or reintroduce) you to some items from my back catalog — my Greatest Hits album, so to speak.

In honor of my 700 blog entries, here are eight links to blog entries you may not have seen before. With luck, and you continuing to drop by, I’ll be back here for blog entry number 1000, with 11 links to my back catalog.


My first blog entry here. I wanted it to serve as a sort of mission statement, and having reread it just recently, it still holds up and still says exactly what I wanted to say at the time here — and what I hope I’m still saying.

The primary part of my business, and that of any other astrologer, consists of doing readings for people. Here’s a blog entry where I not only describe what a reading can do for you, there’s also a video to a specific example.

Hey, you like celebrity astrology, don’t you? Of course you do! Here is the link to my handy guide to all of my older celebrity stories.

One of my most popular blog entries is about empty houses. If your 7th House rules committed relationships, and there are no planets in it, does that mean you are doomed to be forever alone? Of course not! Click here and read on for all the details on how “empty” Houses really work…

And speaking of “forever alone,” here is a blog entry about a couple with excellent connections between their birth charts who well and truly appear to be soul mates. And that raises the question: is compatibility always a good thing?

Ever wonder what to tell a skeptic? Want to be equipped to deal with them? Here’s the first of my three-part series about The James Randi Educational Foundation, and how full of crap there are. At one point there were over two thousand comments on this, but thanks to not one but two software changes they’re mostly gone. Thanks, Mercury Retrograde.

Can you use astrology to win the lottery? Well, no, not really. But sort of. I mean, no. No no no. Nope. Sort of. But, no.

Finally: the blog entry which is the most personal and has the least to do with astrology. If you walk away from my blog today having read nothing else, read this. Remember this. His name was Eric Garner, and I watched him die.


I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope you have enjoyed my blog in general. Now join me at the Oh My Stars Facebook group, The Matthew Currie, Astrologer Facebook page, my Twitter, and my personal Facebook page for a grand total of four bonus tracks!

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