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matthew-currie-astrology-politicsBeliefnet is a spirituality website, not a venue for political discussion. I’m actually thankful for that. And, as you may have noticed, there are already enough places on the internet for people to yell at each other over politics.

You may have noticed that as far as extreme political views go (and tolerance for opposing views), things seem to have slid downhill in the last few years. Many of us have gotten louder, ruder, and more likely to share insanely biased and untrue memes on Facebook and Twitter without spending thirty seconds doing the common sense thinking and/or research required to verify the truth of what we are re-posting.

I can’t help but blame some of this on Neptune in Pisces. Neptune can rule the higher mind and spirituality in general. It also has a lot to do with your personal ideology, and it can also rule flat-out delusion. You’ve got to admit, attributing both your deep dedication to your own (perfectly correct, I’m certain) political beliefs and the beliefs of others you disagree with (undoubtedly because they are deluded fools) to the same planet is pretty handy. And this all seems to be getting even more out of hand under Jupiter square Neptune.


Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. There is an astrologer out there (although I’m hesitant to use the term “astrologer,” because he/she mostly just spouts personal opinions using astrology as an excuse, and more or less just reads off of a computer printout when doing pre-recorded “readings”) who is getting a lot of mileage out of picking on millennials lately. Specifically, he/she recently presented a ludicrously biased “astrological analysis” of Politician X, claiming that Politician X would be “Very, VERY delusional about government issues” because of Mercury square Saturn in the birth chart.

A quick search of famous people with Mercury square Saturn in their birth chart shows us that Benjamin Franklin (one of America’s Founding Fathers), Juan Carlos I of Spain (who was pivotal in disassembling the fascist mess Spain was in), Benazir Bhutto (the first woman elected to lead a Muslim country) and Helmut Kohl (whose 16-year run was the longest of any German Chancellor since Otto von Bismarck) all had Mercury square Saturn in their birth charts. But yeah: people with Mercury square Saturn always have to be “Very, VERY delusional about government issues.” Sure.

The punchline to this? The “astrologer” in question defines millennials as anyone with Neptune in Capricorn… about a month after this particular “astrologer” was born. This is akin to a twelve year old yelling like a grumpy old man at a bunch of eleven year olds to get off his lawn.


My point is this: having a basic knowledge of astrology doesn’t inherently make you a better or wiser person, any more than a basic knowledge of plumbing makes your hands cleaner. It can, and it should — but the moment you stop questioning your ideals is probably the moment you start being a jerk. And unfortunately, it seems there will be more of this under Jupiter square Neptune before there is less. Try not to contribute to that, okay?

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