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matthew currie astrology compatibility mars(This blog entry is part of a series about how the planets in your birth chart affect other people, for better or worse. Click here for the introduction.)

THE PLANET: Mars, named for the ancient god of war. And no, in this context, all is NOT “fair in love and war.”

WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Mars is usually associated more with ambition, drive, and aggression than it is with love and romance. But, good luck trying to get anything done without your Mars!

WHAT IT MEANS FOR LOVE AND ROMANCE: Specifically, Mars is the ruler of the sex drive. That’s not the only role it plays of course. Mars also has a lot to do with who and what you find annoying, and who in turn might find you annoying.

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHERS (GOOD): When your Mars is making positive aspects to placements in other people’s charts, you will tend to have an energizing effect on those people. This is good for getting out and enjoying mutual activities and, yes, sex.

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHERS (BAD): When your Mars doesn’t function well with someone else, it can manifest itself in a number of ways. A lack of sexual attraction is one possibility. Ultimately, things may break down into arguments and disagreements and possibly even violence.

HOW DO I WORK WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S MARS? Remember that Mars is better at taking action than it is at negotiating. finding a way to argue about your disagreements without getting personal or hurtful will be valuable. Sometimes even finding a mutual athletic activity will help deal with a Mars problem. Of course if there are no Mars problems, go right ahead and have plenty of sex.

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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