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matthew currie astrology compatibility jupiter(This blog entry is part of a series about how the planets in your birth chart affect other people, for better or worse. Click here for the introduction.)

THE PLANET: Jupiter, largest planet in our solar system and, appropriately, the ruler of “largeness” in general.

WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU: Just as it was an oversimplification to think of Venus as the ruler of “love,” it would be over simplifying things to call Jupiter the ruler of happiness. However, there is some truth to that. Jupiter also rules your overall worldview/life philosophy.

WHAT IT MEANS FOR LOVE AND ROMANCE: Jupiter, more so than Venus even, rules the ability to get along with someone in a harmonious manner. It is also the natural ruler of commitments and marriage.

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHERS (GOOD): Whether or not you love someone, Jupiter has a lot to do with whether or not you actually like that person. If two people have a lot of good aspects to each other’s Jupiters, odds are pretty good that even on a bad day those two people will end up liking each other.

WHAT IT DOES TO OTHER PLANETS (BAD): Conversely, no matter how much you have in common with someone or how great the sex is or whatever, it’s hard to endure someone’s company for long if you have inherently conflicting worldview’s, interests, or the same things don’t make you happy.

HOW DO I WORK WITH SOMEONE ELSE’S JUPITER? Try out the other person’s hobby or TV show or food that you haven’t tried before, or may have tried a long time ago and formed a negative opinion of… and encourage the other person to do the same with you.

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