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matthew currie astrology compatibilityI was talking with someone a few days ago who said something about having read somewhere once that in astrology, Venus isn’t really the planet that rules love. I was ready to offer a reflexive counter response to this, except I stopped to think first (I have it I should probably cultivate in myself more).

And then I realized this was absolutely right, but perhaps not in the sense it was originally intended.

if you ever sat through many Bible classes, you probably learned to Ancient Greek had more than one word for what we call “love.” There is agape — Universal Love or the love of God. Eros is romantic/sexual love, storge is empathic love, and philia is friendship. When those of us living in the modern word use the word “love,” it can encompass one or more of those all at once.

When I am speaking to clients about love, it’s usually within the context of eros: romantic and/or love. If you have ever been brave or crazy enough to truly fall in love with someone, you know it’s a lot bigger than just you, and it’s certainly a lot bigger than any one planet. This is why compatibility astrology is a lot more complex than just your Sun Sign or your Venus Sign. Love is actually pretty easy. It’s just usually a problem of finding the right person to attach it to, for the right reason, and then finding a way to keep it working in the long run.

Most guides to astrological compatibility are written either from the basis of “what Person A and person B do to each other” or “here is what person B is doing to you and why you love it or hate it.” In this upcoming series I will be breaking down the birth chart into one planet or placement at a time and looking at it from the perspective of “what you are doing to the other guy.”

if you are not in a relationship but are looking for one, or you are out of a relationship and wondering what the heck went wrong, this approach could prove invaluable. Even if you are currently in a relationship, and even if everything is great, it’s always good to know how you come across to the other person.

Either way, I can’t think of a compatibility guide that has been written from that specific perspective before (at least off the top of my head). Even if you already know your astrology, I think this approach can be useful and informative. And hey, if it makes your love life a better and brighter place, that can’t be bad, can it?

So: come along with me on this upcoming multi-part series. It might do both you and that Certain Someone a world of good. Come to think of it, given the number of planets astrology uses, it could do both of you several worlds worth of good… and could help you both avoid a world or two of hurt.

Want to know how to work with the current and future energy to get maximum benefit? Feel free to write me about it!

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