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matthew currie astrology canada marijuanaCanada became the first G7 country to fully legalize marijuana on midnight October 17th, and by all accounts it has been a roaring success. However, the situation has not been without some hitches, and that is clearly reflected in the astrology.

Marijuana was legalized in Canada under the influence (ha!) of a Void of Course Moon. If you are familiar with the concept, you already know that projects begun during a Void Moon have a greater than average chance of going astray from what was planned. In fact, I have often insisted that the most useful astrological concept the average person could learn to make their lives better and more functional with astrology would be to understand when the Moon is Void and what it means.

Although in general the chart for legalization day is excellent, the Moon was Void at 28 degrees Capricorn at the time. So what went wrong? Did Canada suddenly collapse into chaos? Did angry mobs roam the streets? Did God himself nuke the country like it was Sodom and/or Gomorrah?

Nope. Canada just ran out of its supply really early. despite knowing for about a year in advance that Decriminalization Day was coming. The various government and private websites where one can buy marijuana, or the many private shops selling it, have all faced a sudden lack of supply. Everyone knew this was going to be a big deal — yet when the time came, the system was unprepared. Each Canadian province handles marijuana sales differently (the same way that each province handles liquor sales). And yet in every province, in its own way, supply line issues have hit hard. One province is desperately far behind on licensing retail outlets. Many web sites crashed under the demand. On top of that, many buyers of marijuana are reliant on Canada Post for delivery… and after a year of contract talks,Canada Post is poised to go on strike Monday.

It turns out Canada has an even bigger appetite for The Chronic than even Canada itself was prepared for.

This illustrates the power of working with the Void of Course Moon. Even a good idea, executed as well as it can be, can go wonky when the Moon isn’t playing along. And it should be noted that the Moon rules, among other things, “having sufficient resources.”

But hey Canada, chill out. You’re leaving the Civilized World on this matter, and I boldly predict that on the first year of legalization, the biggest complaint most other countries will have is that they didn’t get in on all that sweet, dank, tax revenue sooner.

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