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matthew currie astrology halloween 2(CLICK HERE for Part One, covering Venus in Aries – Venus in Virgo)

(Not into Halloween? Read on anyway. Taken more metaphorically, this can be useful advice for dressing more attractively in general based on your Venus placement! Also: the article is written specifically for those of you who identify as “cisgender female.” Halloween is an old tradition, and it’ll take a while to get caught up with the new paradigm. )

Libra – Bunny. Cute friendly affectionate bunny! Who couldn’t love that? Bunnies don’t threaten or coerce anyone, and that’s why people love them so much. You can only look at that sort of thing for so long before someone wants to pet it. Also, bunnies have a reputation for something else — but we’ll get into that later…

Scorpio – Witch. Not the scary, creepy kind — the empowered one who knows what she’s doing. Mysterious and powerful, and not afraid to reach into her big bag of tricks to get what she wants. Men used to be scared of witches for the power they represented — nowadays, the smart ones want in on the secret. Use that.

Sagittarius – Cowgirl. Yee-ha! We’re having a good time now! Sporty (even if you aren’t into sports) and adventurous (even if it’s just your taste in reading material). If every man is just an overgrown boy, you’re the kind of girl he would have imagined himself with when he was five. Now he’s all grown up, and he likes girls. Ride ’em!

Capricorn – High-end courtesan. Not cheap, not easy — but worth the expense. In control, aware of your assets, and straight to the point. You have an ability to scope out what you want from the crowd and walk right up to it. You can turn a tasteful pair of heels into the husky click that hypnotizes its prey.

Aquarius – Alien. Different. Not from around here. Intriguing as hell. Venus in Aquarius types have a reputation for being detached and hard to figure out, compared to their sisters — but it’s that kind of mystery and sense of exploration that landed men on the Moon. And there are still plenty of explorers out there who’d love to plant their flag on you.

Pisces – Hippie Chick. Dreamy, hazy, and all about the love, baby. You’ve got that deep and dreamy look in those big dewy eyes of yours. They’re incredibly feminine, and a single look from them goes a long way. Generally speaking, men don’t read romance novels. Let them read you instead. It’s the same thing, only less embarrassing to be caught doing in front of his pals.

Now go out there and have some fun. And brush your teeth — all that romance could lead to cavities!

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