matthew currie astrology compatibility venus(This blog entry is part of a series about how the planets in your birth chart affect other people, for better or worse. Click here for the introduction.)

If you’ve been following this series, you will have noticed that it follows a certain format. However, the reason I started writing this series was to dismiss some people’s automatic expectations about the role of the planet Venus and “love,” in whatever form love takes. So today, I am breaking from form.

Venus is the planet that is most associated with our concept of love. I think that’s a mistake, but it’s certainly an understandable one. Yes, Venus rules all the small kindnesses that surround love, like flowers and candies and such. But these things aren’t love, any more than an emoji is an actual emotion.

Sure, in matters of love, Venus rules a lot of the things that we associate with dating and courtship. Saying something nice to someone you care about to make them feel better? Sure, that’s Venus. Pet names and affectionate and braces? Yes that’s a Venus too. But again, that’s not love. It’s evidence of love, certainly… but it isn’t love itself.

Next time, I’ll return to the regular format for this series. And if you were expecting me to tell you what exactly love is… sorry for the disappointment. You know what when you’re in it, but better minds than mine have tried to explain and quantify what love is, and I doubt I’m going to do a better job of it here.

Perhaps this is a question best left to the philosophers…

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