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beliefnet astrology matthew currie gemini signHappy Gemini Season, everyone! Sure, there are plenty of cliches out there about Gemini: the whole split personality thing, the constant need to learn and communicate, and so on. Like any astrological cliche, there’s often a bit of truth to those, but the average Gemini isn’t quite as flighty or scattered as they often get credited with. Then again, how many average Geminis have you known, anyway?

I’ve had plenty of experience with Geminis in my time, and here is a collection of some of my previous articles that can help you understand the Gemini in your life. And if you yourself are a Gemini, maybe it’ll help you understand how others see you… at least some of the time. Let’s be honest here, you guys do have a touch of that “split personality” thing happening. Just a touch though.


So: thinking of getting involved with a Gemini? Here’s everything you need to know.

Actually, that wasn’t everything. Let’s talk about love, sex, and seduction with The Twins!

Wait, are you even compatible with a Gemini? Better click here to find out!

So you got into a relationship with a Gemini and now things aren’t going smoothly. Here’s The Gemini Troubleshooting Guide to (hopefully) answer your questions!

…And if that didn’t work, you might want to consider a call to Gemini Customer Service.

Finally, there’s good and bad in everyone, Geminis included. Here’s an example of a Gemini Hero and a Gemini Villain. Here’s hoping you chose the right one!

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