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matthew currie astrology stephanie adamsToday’s subject matter is far from pleasant, but please bear with me. Someone out there needs to hear this, and maybe it’s you.


Stephanie Adams, (born July 24th 1970, time unknown, Orange New Jersey) appeared to have everything going for her. She was a successful astrologer, author, owner of her own publishing company, had a beautiful son, could afford to live the glamorous life in Manhattan, and was Miss November 1992 in Playboy magazine.

Of course, no life is perfect. For example, in May 2006, New York City Police threw her to the ground over an incident involving a taxi driver, causing her to receive neck and back injuries. Ultimately though even this turned out okay for her, as in February 2012 she was awarded 1.2 million dollars in damages, which was $400,000 more than she had actually been looking for. In my experience, incidents involving police violence and people of color don’t usually turn out nearly that well for the victim.

Stephanie had recently been involved in a bitter custody dispute with her ex-husband over their son Vincent. The marriage itself had hardly been a walk in the park, with police being called at least 10 times to their home to intervene. Stephanie filed at least three complaints against her husband Nikolai, claiming child abuse. All of claims were determined to be unfounded, however.

Recent transits had proven to be particularly difficult for Stephanie to handle. Although the current Saturn Uranus trine is a gold mine of opportunity for some, it was not treating her well. Saturn had been square her Uranus off and on since late last year, and the recent entry of Uranus into Taurus placed it in a close square to her Sun at 1° Leo.

Last Thursday, Stephanie checked into the pricey top floor suite at the Gotham Hotel in Manhattan with her son. And at 8:15 the following morning the transiting Moon in Cancer made the exact opposition to transiting Saturn, adding to the burden on her Uranus.

These transits are all indicators of significant stress, but none of them fully explain her actions… and they certainly don’t excuse the fact that she chose that occasion to jump from her balcony to her death, or her choice to throw seven-year-old Vincent to his death immediately beforehand.


I didn’t actually want to write about this, but I am compelled to do so by the unshakable notion that somewhere out there, someone is reading this right now who is experiencing what seems like unbearable stress. And I fear that this person, whoever he or she is, understands at least some astrology and is looking at he’s or her transits and seeing how stressful things are and his thinking that things will only get worse.

I now address this person, whoever you are. You have forgotten something important about astrology. Bad transits come, but they also go. If you are contemplating taking a tragic course of action with either your life or that of someone else, please remember that. Please. And please remember that the world will be diminished by that loss.

Talk to someone. Please get help. We need you down here more than you realize.


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