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matthew currie astrology chiron in piscesOne of the hazards to avoid as we trudge through the final days of Saturn in Sagittarius? Chiron.

If you’ve hung around this blog for long, you may have noticed that I don’t talk about Chiron a lot. There’s good reason for that: I don’t like Chiron. It represents all that injured, deep-down psychological crap that makes for a great black and white Scandinavian film, but isn’t welcome at your dinner party. It’s the part of you that you cling to, despite the fact that it’s covered in spines. Chiron is why your therapist drives a better car than your hairdresser does.

(This is the point where someone out there, between mouthfuls of granola, tells me all about how Chiron represents the opportunity to grow and change and overcome our emotional issues and become more Enlightened Beings, huzzah! If that’s you, here’s a deal: you hold off on that, and I’ll hold off on coming over there and setting your furniture on fire and cheerfully telling you this is your opportunity to remodel the living room like you always wanted to. Deal?)

Saturn is now pulling away from the square to Chiron in Pisces, but the opportunities to crush someone by accident (or have your own traumas trampled) are still there and still waiting to leap out at you from the dark recesses of someone’s mouth. This hazard is multiplied by Mercury being retrograde now, and Chiron have just stationed and turned direct. That just makes it more likely that you’re going to say something hurtful without meaning to do so… and it increases the odds of turning a potential flesh wound into a gushing artery of emotional pain.

So, to summarize: let’s be careful out there. Forgive as much as you can, and react as little as possible to what you’re forgiving. The bear is just as afraid of you as you are of the bear — maybe more so, because the bear has seen what humans can do when they put their minds to it.

And remember: you can’t get rid of your issues by giving them to someone else.

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