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matthew currie astrology bryan singerAnother day, another tale of the mighty falling because of their abuse of power: director Bryan Singer (best known for The Usual Suspects and The X-Men films) is being sued for an alleged assault on a 17 year old actor in 2003. Singer was let go from directing Bohemian Rhapsody only a few days ago, and at the time the studio said it was over unscheduled absences on Singer’s part.

But even then, it appeared that the writing was on the wall for Singer: in an environment where claims of sexual harassment are multiplying like flies, it seemed like only a matter of time until his personal life would catch up with him. Though unproven, rumors of sexual misconduct with young actors had been in circulation for years around Bryan Singer… and it’s only now that the accusations have reached a threshold value and become public knowledge.

Why now, then? First of all: it seems that the idea of confronting sexual harassment has suddenly come of age, en masse, in the public consciousness. Jupiter in Scorpio may well be part of that, but I personally tend to look at Saturn’s current conjunction with the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center can be thought of as “things much bigger than yourself”: your connection to the Collective, if you will. Saturn square Chiron is fueling this. Wounds are being opened, and emotional blood is spilling all over the place.

Secondly, Bryan Singer (born September 17 1965, time unknown, New York New York) is having a lot of exceptionally difficult transits. Transiting Saturn is now square his Sun and closely opposite his Jupiter (bringing stress to his identity and the thing’s he’s enthusiastic about), and transiting Neptune is conjunct his Saturn (dissolving his previously well-ordered existence).

But this is about much more than just Bryan Singer’s individual transits. Something much larger is happening here.

Saturn is about structure. It rules Capricorn, and it’s a well-known cliche about how Capricorns are all solidly put-together and businesslike and orderly on one level or another (don’t let the shabby and messy ones fool you — they have a good grip on something or other in their lives too). So Saturn in Capricorn ought to offer us all (collectively and individually) a chance to put things right… to establish some kind of order that will replace the necessary chaos that life sometimes produces.

The one thing I think we need to avoid with Saturn in Capricorn is the common human urge to throw up our hands and say “oh everything is messed up, we need a strongman to come in and fix it all for us!” Historically speaking, that sort of thing has tended to lead to tyranny. I’d hate to think that the current revolution, about the misuse of men’s power, would just be replaced by another misuse of (more collective) power.

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