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Have you noticed that books and movies don’t end with those words anymore? Even though you know the story is over, there is no final comforting confirmation, no signal that it’s time to get up and go home, or move onto the next thing in your life.


Saturn is now almost at the anaretic degree, which is a fancy way of saying “the last degree of the Sign it is in.” Allegedly this gives Saturn some kind of particular strength or importance that it doesn’t normally have. Of course, anyone who thinks that Saturn is ever lacking in strength or importance anywhere hasn’t been paying attention. Saturn never sleeps — and Saturn sees you when you aren’t sleeping, staring at the ceiling worried about this or that element of your life that isn’t fulfilling, that hasn’t worked out, or that has just generally been a drag for the last two and a half years or so. When it’s The Hour Of The Wolf, Saturn is always present.

And you’re likely looking forward to the end of that, thank you very much.


But now you’re looking ahead and you’re seeing that Saturn will be entering Capricorn soon, and that Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn (and is thus even stronger than it was in Sagittarius), and you realize that it’s not like every bad or difficult thing you’ve faced in the last two and a half years will suddenly click off like a light switch, and that as far as the pains of life on the material plane and the scar tissue around your heart and the weariness in your mind are all concerned? This is not, and never can be


…because life is an ongoing process, not as neatly divided into chapters as we might like. One thing leads to another, and another.

Now you’re worried. But if there is one thing I can assure you about Saturn in Capricorn, it is not the end of your suffering. Listen. Listen closely and you’ll hear it. It is

the beginning

of much better things.

Come along with me for the ride and I’ll show you.


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