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Every day, intentionally or unintentionally, people all over the world inflict pain on themselves or others, often either with the best of intentions or from simply not understanding the harm they are doing. I’m talking about the kind of pain which is the sort of thing that — if it is not addressed — can sink down into the core of your being and become a part of you like an untreated tumor. It may not be growing now, it may not be causing you any pain at this exact moment, but it’s there. Lie awake at night and relax and sometimes you can feel it sitting there like it’s waiting for something; for a trigger or for a feeding or just for an excuse to hatch out and raise hell with your mind and your heart.

This brings me to the role of Chiron in astrology.

I admit it: I haven’t written much about Chiron. Astronomically, no one is quite sure if it is an asteroid or a comet. Who knows? Astronomically, it hasn’t gotten that much attention. But for all the myriad bits of transiting gravel out there, Chiron has gotten more than its fair share of attention from astrologers. Part of the reason I rarely use it is a bit of a prejudice on my part: most of the descriptions you see about the role Chiron plays are all sort of hand-wavy and like to talk about “unhealed wounds” and “holistic processes” and other things that sound great but ultimately tend to break down under careful analysis. I like to take as practical and observable approach to my astrology my client as possible, and Chiron is often tough to approach that way.

Still, it seems that Chiron is not going away, so perhaps it’s time I said something in praise of it, and in recognition of the role it seems to perform.

Chiron is not an easy subject to face. It represents all the deep-down hurts that take a lot of work and / or counseling and / or pain to confront. And who want that, am I right?

Nonetheless, after last night’s wild Full Moon in Pisces, maybe today would be a good day to pause and reflect on who or what in our lives need forgiveness. And this is perhaps not unrelated to the fact that I have reached an age where I’m about to experience my Chiron Return. But whatever age you are at, and whatever day you read this on, I believe the message is still valid, and still for you, personally.

So as the Moon continues through Pisces today and conjuncts Chiron, let’s take a moment today to forgive someone.

Forgive your parents. Forgive your children. Forgive your boss. Forgive that guy on Facebook who is always coming up with those annoying ignorant opinions you hate. Forgive the neighbor’s dog for barking all night. Forgive the person who did that horrible thing that you saw that you can never unsee again. Forgive that person who ran over your foot.

Forgive Kanye West for being an insufferable egomaniac. Forgive everyone involved with Ashley Madison, and the hackers who leaked that site’s data.

Forgive the abuser who took out their own issues and insecurities on you when you were in no position to fight back, and who still loudly blames you for it all.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive, forgive, forgive. Vow to be a better person and then follow through on that vow. You’d be amazed at the heavy lifting you can do, once those muscles you’ve used to suppress your Chiron are put to a better use.

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