No one wants to end up in divorce right? For this reason, we are set to prepare ourselves in avoiding such through this article. The most common reasons people divorce is…you guessed it…MONEY! This can be avoided before you get seriously involved if you just ask the right questions and get to know your potential partner to determine financial compatibility. Sadly, many people don’t take the time because it’s not romantic or they prefer to stick their head in the sand…hoping money issues won’t come up. Trust me, financial incompatibility cannot be ignored and will crop up in your relationship eventually. If you want a long-lasting relationship or marriage, you had better address financial compatibility from the very beginning.


  • Financial Empowerment. It’s 2020 and women have the power to be financially successful in their own right without having to depend on a man. However, there are still women looking for a man to financially support them and I can’t tell you what a huge mistake that is. Why do women do that? Is it because they thinkthey have no financial power of their own? Grownup men love women that are financially independent. You don’t have to be the CEO or make a ton of money…but having a passion of your own that you pursue is extremely attractive. It’s possible to switch this lack mindset and become a financial empowered woman if you’re ready to embrace your inner money goddess.
  • Beware of too many toys. One common mistake I see women making is sizing up a man’s financial status based purely on the possessions he owns. What a huge mistake that is because outside appearances can be deceptive. If you only look at the house he lives in, the cars he owns, his toys, his wardrobe, etc.; this is not indicative of his financial success. Even if a man is making six figures or more it doesn’t mean he’s truly wealthy, especially if he has a lot of debt. A lot of toys can mean a lot of debt! Also, consider he could have huge alimony and child support payments. You have to go deeper and ask the questions to find out how well he manages his money. However, you need to be savvy with your own money to attract a man with the financial savvy that you desire.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to ask specific money questions when dating to make sure that you are a financial match….and this goes for men too!


  • Money Management.A common mistake men make is not determining financial compatibility in the women they date. Why is that? Many times men will look at her looks, personality, her passions, but not give any time or focus on how well she manages her money. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a man complain how their ex drained him financially…yet…all the red flags were from the beginning. She couldn’t hold a job, she barely got by financially, she never paid her debts, racking up a lot of credit card debt, spending a lot of money on shopping trips, traveling to exotic locations…all while she has little or nothing in the bank. The signs are always there.

Most importantly, to attract a mate with money smarts, you must improve your own money savvy and address any money blocks or self-sabotage where you could be unintentionally resisting money. Unleash the money master in you, turn your money mindset to prosperity, and start allowing money to flow in easily and effortlessly.

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