Do note that this is purely from the point of view from guys, and i hope i speak for most of them. (: If you disagree with some of the points, feel free to scold me, the same way i hope you’d (com’on guys) voice your support for any points you agree with.

1. Don’t Poke Our Fats! 

We’re not proud of them either. But poking should be restricted to facebook alone. Every poke, whether intentionally checking the depth of our fats before you reach our hidden 6 packs, or purely meant to tickle torture us, every poke leaves a massive dent in our ego and confidence. So do restrict your pokings to facebook, you can even super poke us there we wouldn’t mind!

2. Do The Bill Dance!

Yes, we guys do want to pay the bill, but we’d like to be given some recognition and appreciation by following the century old check dance tradition. Pretend as if you ‘d like to pay the bill, and insist on it ONCE before letting us pay for it instead. It certainly does make us feel rather good.

3. Don’t Touch Your Handphone!

Put all your million dollar business plans on hold for the date, try not to secretly seal any deals over text messaging too! It’s really rude to even entertain a call during a date. By the way, this applies both ways round for guys and girls. Also, it drives the other party up the wall with suspicion over who you’re communicating with and that is never something good!

4. Don’t (try not to) Ask Us Shopping Advice!

We know it’s a woman’s absolute favorite thing to do some shopping, and perhaps we don’t mind doing a little shopping with you. But the real problem is we can’t help you decide between the blue shoes or the red shoes, the black dress or the white dress, as honestly, we can’t tell the difference! So do spare us the capital punishment of decisions! Or at least let us get a hold of our decision making dice!

5. Don’t Bring Up The Ex-Boyfriend

As much as we do love to hear and share with you, there’s one topic that we’d prefer not to discuss with you or hear you out. Yes, that’s the ex-boyfriend topic. The mere bringing up of them shows an inability to move forward and forget about them and that does affect us, yes, as surprising as it is, we heartless creatures have emotions and feelings too.
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