“The only thing you’re taking out of here is your spirit and your soul, so we need to be conscious to try and develop that part of ourselves, because we’re all spiritual creatures”

–          Smokey Robinson

The above quote is interesting and has me thinking. It is true, we came into this human experience with no material possessions and we will leave with no material possessions. It is also true that we arrived in body and that this body will go through many changes, some natural and some by our own device and yet at the end of this human experience this body we inhabit will die and in time will most likely decay into dust.

Dr. Wayne Dyer often tells his audiences that he has a funeral suit hanging in his closet, one that he will wear to his funeral. What makes his funeral suit unique is that he has cut out all of the pockets. He has removed all of the pockets from the suit to remind him that when he is finished with this leg of his journey that he will take nothing material with him.

As one thinks about the fact that when we exit this world we leave all of the loot on the table one could easily begin to ask why. Why do we work so hard to obtain things and to achieve things? If all of it is temporary than why do we bother, why should I not just sit here, focus on my spiritual remembrance and awakening and wait for the inevitable end of this human experience?

Do I strive a achieve for the accolades of my fellow man, to have my name engraved upon some plague, to have my works recorded in historical registries, to sire children who will carry on my legacy all  to simply fade into the night and leave it all behind?

I could see how it would be easy to say that this is all an illusion and that this temporal state in which we now reside is just that and that we don’t need to be so concerned about chopping the proverbial wood and carrying the proverbial water.

While there may be some who choose to live a contemplative path most of us live in a day to day world in which we engage in intimate relationships, parenting, work, pay bills, entertain, do the housekeeping, do the yard work, pay taxes, etc. Most of live lives where we wear many hats and where we navigate through various roles throughout our day.  It is tempting for many of us to declare we are changing paths and that we are now going to place all of our focus on our spiritual development and abandon the responsibilities of our daily life.

We are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. The key is that we are here to have a human experience. It is through this human experience that we are presented lessons which contribute to our spiritual growth and our spiritual awakening. When we do awaken guess what, we continue to have our human experience, we continue to be presented with lessons in the form of challenges and rewards.

It is important that as we remember who we are and as we open the aperture of our soul that we stay in touch with the inherent value of our human experience.  As spiritual beings at our core we are pure and unadulterated love and it is via our love that we awaken to the beauty of every moment of this human experience.  May you find beauty in the darkest of moments and come to know that the beauty you see is a reflection of your soul.


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