I don’t believe in any texting rules, but I believe there’s some guidelines to consider. Lets be clear, texting doesn’t replace full length conversations. They are great for communicating, but someone who requires a phone call will never be satisfied with a text. You need to understand what the other is comfortable with and find a compromise. Texting is a modern form of communication and a reality as it pertains to dating. Before getting into an argument about calling too much or being reliant on text, consider some of these guidelines.

Return A Text As Soon As Possible

If someone you’re interested sends you a text, don’t wait too long to respond. Being caught up with work, or life responsibilities could prevent a quick and speedy response. I believe, if a response text isn’t sent in 24 hours, you’re out of luck and should move to the next person. There are exceptions to the rule, but you don’t give yourself much of an opportunity.

When You First Meet Someone, Text Them

Here’s something I’ve learned to do, that has helped when I’ve met women at bars or events. After you get their number, and they have yours, text them a “welcome” message. Much in the same way you receive a welcome message after signing up for an online newsletter, send a message to the person saying “hi” and be sure to include your name.

Find Out Their Communication Preferences

Guys are left with the impression that women aren’t thrilled about texting. There is some truth to this notion, but there are women who prefer texting over calling, some are dear friends.  Not too long after meeting a woman, you should get a clear understanding of her communication preferences. If she prefers texting over calling, text but throw her a call here and there. If she prefers calling over texting, call, and throw a text here or there. If she’s indifferent, call on alternate side parking days.

If It’s Important, Always Call

If you have an important message, don’t text it. Always call. Important messages seem inconsiderate when you send them as a text, it’s almost as if you don’t care. While that’s farthest from the truth, be sure it’s not the perception. You can text some important news, but make sure it’s followed by a phone call.

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