1Guys, this is directed completely towards you. From the type of comments that I have been receiving from you, it appears that you forget that I’m a man just like you. You also don’t realize that I understand what many of you are going through. Why else would I go to all the trouble of starting a blog that caters to men who are socially challenged and have a hard time dealing with the challenges of life?

I didn’t do this because one day I got bored and decided to make something up for the hell of it. It’s because I had the same questions that you are sending me on a daily basis. “Why don’t women have to change?” “Do men always have to do the approaching?” “Are women even interested in dating me?” These are the same questions I asked myself all the time.

What makes you think I don’t understand the anger you’re feeling inside? After a guy has been single for a long period of time, he starts to wonder why. He starts to question his looks. Am I good-looking enough? Tall enough? Built enough? Then we start to hear women talking about the tall, dark and handsome type, and it confirms what we were thinking all along.

That’s until we see a good-looking woman with a below-average guy who treats her like complete crap. We then scratch our heads in confusion. Maybe this guy is rich and that’s why she’s with him. Is he fantastic in bed? Does he have the personality we’d all kill to have? Again, we’re let down when we find out he possesses none of these super-hero qualities.

This is when we start to get angry at women because we begin to think all kinds of stupid garbage. “She only likes bad boys!” “Nice guys finish last!”

I’ll tell you why nice guys finish last. It’s because nice guys are so damn afraid of everything, including their shadows, that it’s disgusting. There’s no way we’re going to start a conversation with that attractive woman. We decide that she’s definitely going to turn us down. We never even gave ourselves a fighting chance, and instead blamed her, even though she never even met us. Then the cocky guy comes along and asks her out, and automatically that’s what she likes.

Right about now, you’re most likely mad at me – and that’s what I want you to be, and here’s why. You need to start realizing that I’m not the enemy, but an ally. Yes, I agree that many women out there need to change. Some women don’t know how to treat a man right, and are downright too bossy or clingy. There are also women who are only into looks or only into money. And some are horrible to even approach in the first place.

These are the women I tell you to avoid, because I don’t want you to put yourself into a situation where you’re treated like crap. Whenever you meet women like this, just walk away from them, because men don’t tolerate such attitude; only boys do. Men like us focus on meeting good women who will love us. Listen to us, stand by our side even through bad times. These are hard qualities to find in anybody these days, whether a man or a woman, and that’s why were being so selective.

So, yes women do need to change, but this blog doesn’t focus on helping women. It’s sole purpose is to help men develop good attitudes towards dating and life itself. With a positive attitude and outlook on life, you can start to see opportunities that lurk around you that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Hating women isn’t a healthy way to think, because just like with men, there are both good and bad women. Just avoid the bad ones.

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