Shy guys — most of these men believe they have a far inferior status when it comes to dating. Truth be told: While there are plenty of women who enjoy chasing the bad guys, there are other women who actually prefer a good man.

If you’ve always known yourself to be timid, then it’s time to embrace it and start finding a woman worth your time. Here we have certified dating tips for shy guys like you.

  1. Know you already have an advantage

What is that? You are naturally a better listener. Since you enjoy it more when she’s talking rather than you scrambling for the next best thing to say, you practically won her over. It won’t be hard for you to respond to her since you are paying attention to what she’s saying.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Confidence isn’t your strongest point but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to be. Start by practicing making eye contact with women for a week. Once you’re comfortable with that, move on to smiling at women. When you’ve mustered enough confidence to do these two, proceed to saying “hello”. It is true that practice makes perfect. Once you’ve honed your skills enough and when the time comes you meet that amazing woman, flirting would feel more natural.

  1. Just add a question mark

Having a problem thinking of what you’re going to say to her? Just add a question mark. Since you are a good listener, just use this to your advantage to think of a question for her. If she told you she’s a sports writer, ask: “So you’re a sports writer, what’s it like?”

  1. Pick a more suitable venue

Extroverted men can easily choose to meet women in a bar because they won’t really struggle in striking up a conversation. As for you, my shy friend, it’s better to choose a venue where there are things to talk about, like a gallery or an auction. Here, you can ask her, “How do you find this painting? or “Is it your first time here?”. Since you aren’t just some guy who happened to be there, chances are she’ll take interest. Besides, you’re better off finding a more substantial woman for you in these kinds of places.

  1. Be honest

Most guys enjoy fronting their bravado around women. They brag and most of the time, they come off as jerks. You, my friend, shouldn’t do the same, especially if you’re planning on making up stories about the number of women you dated. Be honest. Everybody knows people could use more of it. In fact, women appreciate honesty a lot.

  1. Have a wingman with you

Don’t get all insecure on us. It’s just a matter of choosing your wingman wisely. If you truly know your friend is not the type who will outcharm you with every woman you ask help with, then go ahead and let him be the one to warm the waters. A better bet would be a married man.

Being a shy guy isn’t something to wallow about. Embrace your shyness instead and learn how to turn it into something women would adore and appreciate.

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