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We know! Only weirdos and desperate people are online, which is weird because you’re online right now reading this sentence, but if you are adamantly against online dating and its many pitfalls, more power to you. Leave now. These tips […]

In Victorian times, flirting involved the careful choice of floral symbols and calling cards, and all flirting took place on well-chaperoned social occasions. Fortunately, for singles today, Twitter offers a perfectly low-pressure way to get to know your crush. There’s […]

Online dating can be a total bust – ridiculous e-mails from guys who aren’t your type, discovering that Oh, hey, men lie in their profiles – or it can be bliss. If you find someone you actually like and want to date […]

It must be the time of year. Everybody I know is depressed right now. Okay, not everybody, but it seems that way. I’m also getting more questions about depression from my readers, lately. Depression and anxiety, unfortunately, seems to be […]

Quite frequently, my blog queue of questions involves random inquiries into whether its possible to tell if a particular suitor is interested. Most of the time these questions come from the ovaried lot, but every so often, ye of testes […]

While some people have Mrs. Cleaver for a mother, others have mothers at the other end of the spectrum. If you’re grown and still have to dread hearing things like “Well I would have” and “Why didn’t you” and “You’re […]

There are definitely some behaviors that two friends should not engage in if they’re trying their best to uphold their friendship (read: attempting to ward off temptation, hormones, and IKEA). Thing is, the fact that you are just-friends doesn’t mean […]