Many women believe by showing up to a date, they are guaranteed a second date with the same person. However, showing up and having a conversation with your date, doesn’t guarantee a second date. If anything, you’re barely performing the minimum requirements for a date. Sitting across from a person and having a conversation doesn’t mean you’ve interacted. You’ve asked questions, he’s asked questions, and the date has turned into a job interview with food or drinks. You’re not leaving a memorable impression, instead you’re leaving a very sour and bland impression.

While getting to the first date is great, to guarantee a second or third date, you must make a memorable impression. Something that will separate you from the other women he’s dating.

What is a memorable impression? Let me tell you what it isn’t: showing off your boobs, having large boobs, having great legs, indicating that you love having sex, or indicating that you’re a freak in bed. Sex isn’t how we remember women, while these are things that make you stand out, they aren’t how we remember you. Why do you think beauty pageants have a question and answer section? They’re millions of beautiful women, and if you answer every question with “world peace”, you’ll end up just like another beautiful woman.

So what makes a woman memorable. It differs for every guy; generally it’s based on how well you connect with him and if you have similar interests. For me, a female football fan will always rise to the top of my list. The one thing that makes a woman memorable is their attitude. If someone shows up to a date, with a sense of entitlement, she’s not going to get a second date. While there’s men eager and willing to play sugar daddy, it’s not the majority of the male population.

It’s okay to have fun on a date, to make a joke, and to be witty. Those are the women we men crave. They have a sense of adventure, are fun, and don’t take things too serious. These are also the women who put their best effort in connecting with the guy that you’re on a date with. You can’t be witty unless you’re listening to what he has to say and connecting the dots. If things go well, a second date will emerge. If things don’t work out, at least you tried. Some people aren’t compatible at all.

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